Weekday Escape N°114

DoraWakey wakey, there's games to escape-y! You've survived a whole seven days. That's no small feat... just ask the mayfly! To celebrate, the developers have been hard at work turning out three finely crafted escape games for you to glut yourself upon. Vitamin Hana thinks if you're so smart, you can make your own way out. Nagamochi Games knows you've always wanted to play with an old man's facial hair. And Sarameya is worried you haven't been getting enough fresh air, but might have gone a bit overboard.

Wood Art
ood Art - Some escape game developers ensnare you with wicked traps and complex mechanisms. Vitamin Hana just needs a little elbow grease and some arts and crafts, and to get out of this little room, you'll have to do the same. As usual for Vitamin Hana, most of the cupboards and the like around you have codes on their locks, but while you're sussing out clues for how to open them, try and remember that you can use items in your inventory on each other. Just click the first item, click "About Item" to view it close up, then click the other item you want to use on it, and then click the item you've currently viewing to try. After all this, you'll be a master wood worker, and able to use your click proficiency to talk to dolphins!