Romance Detective

In Romance Detective, a linear indie visual novel from NomNomNami, Protag, and Konatizer that's available in Pay What You Want format (including free), love is in the air, but so is crime! Chrys is a cop who's been called to the local art museum to investigate a stolen vase, but she never imagined that would mean teaming up with the (dubiously) legendary Romance Detective. She's an eccentric crime-solver who's dedicated to love (she claims she was born with that rose in her mouth), and although she may seem strange, she gets results. There's something weirder going on in this city than a simple case of a theft of a gaudy vase, but with Romance Detective and newly re-christened Romance Cop on the case, people have nothing to fear! Just click to advance the text and make choices when presented with them, though there's really no way to lose. Romance Detective is strictly on-rails, but it's cute, funny, sweet, and strange... even if it ends with a "to be continued"!