Feaudalism 2

Feudalism 2 is a game brought to you by Arcade Town. This is an action game and is among the best flash games available online. You can visit the game’s web site and find out more about the game series. The game boasts of an amazing plot, a wide range of characters, multiple maps and locations, great graphics and much more. 

The game will surely manage to impress you. Some of the important characters of the game include Edgar, who is the lord of the Great Trade Republic. He is a skilled swordsman. He can fight with spears and bows too. Then there is the princess of the Great Trade Republic, Selena.


She is basically a medic but can be trained to fight with swords, too. Karl is the bishop of the Order Holy Cross. He is good with one handed weapons, like knives. He can prove to be an excellent squad commander Super Stacker 3