Strifekun's Hub Page

Links out to Strifekun's different sites. 

The purpose of this page is to be a hub for the pages strifekun has/will create. Strifekun takes no responsibility if you visit these pages and pay no attention to the warnings posted. Strifekun will not listen or read any angry emails because when you enter these sites, you are saying that you are interested or the appropriate age to be looking at the content contained on this site. This site has been labeled ADULT with google, Strifekun has taken the necessary precautions.

Personal Page -- HIATUS! Being redone as you read. =]
Livejournal - Entries are friends locked. I'm nice, so if you friend me, I friend back. xD
Peach Allegretto - My fandom journal. Hosts fanmixes, rotations, graphics, fanfiction, art, etc.

Deviant Art - My deviant art page. My art is occasionally posted here. Mostly I favorite other peoples art. Check them out.
Manga Bullet - My manga bullet page. Much better than dA.
Fanfiction.Net - Fanfiction is posted here.

If you ever need to contact me, you can contact me at strifekun @ gmail . com