Information available on CD
  1. General Information
  2. Installation Manual - also available online
  3. Analysis of Critical Reports
  4. Comparison of Deer Warning Reflector Systems
  5. Old Swareflex vs. New Strieter-Lite Systems 

These videos are designed for the concerned officials/persons who want to view more detailed testimonies given by those who have experienced first hand the effectiveness of the Strieter-Lite/Swareflex Reflector System in reducing nighttime roadkill and for those involved in the installation of the Reflector system.

6.  Video 94-1.  A retired Conservation Officer, an IA DOT Foreman, Hunting Club Officials and a Deputy Sheriff give their testimonies on the deer roadkill reduction for the years 1987 to 1994 at various sites in Allamakee County, Iowa. From what could have been 350 to 400 kills for those 7 years, only 7 kills occurred, thanks to the reflectors. A 98% reduction! (26 minutes)

7.  Video 94-2.2.  A retired Conservation Officer in Allamakee County, Iowa, a Deputy Sheriff in Kewaunee County, Wisconsin, an R.C.M.P. in Creston, British Columbia, and the Director of Highway Environment for the Ministry of Transportation in Victoria, BC, give their testimonies on DEER roadkill reduction. Included are night shots of the Reflectors in Waukon, Iowa. (24 minutes)

8.  Video 94-3.  A former Provincial Ranger gives his testimonies on Moose roadkill reduction on the Canadian National Railroad & Highway 16 in Smithers, British Columbia. (37 minutes)

9.  Video 94-4.  The Director of Highway Environment for British Columbia, Area Managers, Foremen, Highway Officials, and Engineers give detailed testimonies on mule deer, whitetail deer and elk roadkill reduction in British Columbia and Alberta (Canada), Iowa, Wisconsin, Washington and Oregon. (90 minutes)

10.  Video 95-1.1.  Installation & Design Instructions for the Strieter-Lite reflector system. Wayne R. Wilson, retired Wisconsin State Trooper, Menomonie, WI (38 minutes)

    • Part 1: Undivided Highways - 15 minutes
    • Part 2: Divided Highways - 20 minutes
    • Installation of posts and reflectors and how to straighten and align posts - 1:45

11.  Video 95-4.  This 5 minute YouTube video describes how reflectors mounted on posts near the side of a highway dramatically reduce the number of deer-vehicle collisions. When a car passes, light from the headlights is directed to the side of the road and is seen by deer that wish to cross the highway as a row of sequential flashing lights. This startles them and causes them to run away or wait until the vehicle passes. The setting is Menomonie, Wisconsin in October 1995.

You may watch this video online:

The Problem of Deer-Vehicle Accidents and the Solution
Wayne R. Wilson
Retired Wisconsin State Trooper


These DVDs are a collection of the above videos in DVD format.

12.  DVD-1

    • Video 94-2.2
    • Video 94-3
    • Video 95-1.1
    • Video 95-4

13.  DVD-2

    • Video 94-1
    • Video 94-4
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