Mounting on Existing Posts

With a dual highway it is common to have a cable barrier fence in the median. In these situations, it is possible for the posts to serve another purpose. Namely, to have Strieter-Lite reflectors mounted on them.

In this photograph looking at the first post, the smooth surface facing the roadway is an excellent place to position a reflector. It simply requires that two holes be drilled for the reflector mounting screws.

This will save the cost of buying and installing new posts. Because you are not installing new posts in a previously open roadside area, the time and effort involved with mowing and snowplowing will be unchanged.


The photograph below shows the side of the post that holds the cables. Depending on the cable spacing, it may be possible to mount a reflector between the top two cables. If not, highway maintenance engineers could easily design a simple post extension (such as a flat plate) extending above the post on which to mount the reflector.

In cases that call for two reflectors mounted back to back on the same post, with a large enough cable spacing, both reflectors could be mounted using two longer screws. Or they could be mounted on a simple post extension.