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The Opera on DVD and Blu-ray List

The purpose of this site is to keep collectors informed of new and upcoming releases and to maintain a comprehensive list of all commercial opera DVD and Blu-ray discs ever released in the United States.

What’s on This Site
All commercial U.S. DVD (and Blu-ray disc) releases of full-length operas.  Even though some DVDs of highlights and abridged works are included (as well as a handful of masses, oratorios and opera-related documentaries), the attempt at completeness is focused on full-length opera.  Operetta and zarzuela are also listed.  At this time the site does not include vocal recitals or concerts by opera singers.

High-Definition Formats
The first batch of opera DVDs came out in 1997.  Ten years later the first HD DVD was released, and the first opera on Blu-ray was released in the spring of 2008.  These new formats are included here.  Blu-ray won the high-definition format war officially in early 2008, and there will be no more HD DVD releases other than the handful issued by Opus Arte.  Make sure you know the difference in formats and that you have the proper equipment to be able to enjoy this new HD technology.

The list includes all DVDs and Blu-ray discs that have ever been released in the United States.  Be aware that videos go out of print and the title you are looking for may be temporarily unavailable.  You can often still obtain a copy either through one of Amazon’s merchants, as an import, or at an auction site like ebay (though usually at exorbitant prices).  One suggestion is to check and see if the title can be rented online at businesses like Netflix or Blockbuster which carry large catalogs and are likely to still have a copy available.

Links to the Amazon product page of each title are provided when possible for further exploration or easy purchase under their associates program.  Thank you for supporting this site by using these links.

Upcoming release dates are always tentative and subject to change.  The videos under the "Future" heading are likely to be issued but their listing is no guarantee.  Having a designated recording label at the end highly increases the probability of the video's release.

All entries list the most reliable information about the year when the video was recorded.  An opera video's recording date can often lead to confusion since many listings include either the year of its copyright or release.

All questions, comments, tips, hints, suggestions, corrections, additions are welcome!

Thank you for visiting this site.  I hope you find it useful and visit often.



(An avid opera video collector)