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The Awakening: A Webquest

AP English

Mrs. Strickler


A.  Use the links below to answer the following questions.

  1. Name three other American literature texts published the same year as The Awakening.
  2. Name two pieces of legislation passed in the time surrounding the publication of The Awakening.  Cite the year and the legislation.
  3. What is the "Gulf Spirit"?
  4. What was Kate Chopin's real name?
  5. In a couple of sentences, summarize Kate Chopin's early life.
  6. In a couple of sentences, summarize Kate Chopin's adult life (marriage, children, etc.).
  7. What events contributed to her strong skepticism of religion?
  8. Where did the story of The Awakening come from?
  9. What is a kunstleroman?
  10. What does being Creole mean in Kate Chopin's time?
  11. Name several dishes/ingredients of Creole cuisine.  Have you eaten any of these items?







  12.  Write a paragraph about your impressions of the novel so far.  Include impressions based on the websites/photos/sounds in Sections  B-E below.


B.  Explore the websites below to get a geographic context of the setting.



 C.  Sample some of the music featured in The Awakening.

You Tube video of Chopin's Impromptu - Madmoiselle Reisz played this for Edna

You Tube video of the Overture to Zampa - the Farival Twins played this at Grand Isle

** Spoiler Alert!  Visit this website for more insight on the significance of music in the novel.

D.  Read the following article on the Context in America around 1900.


 E.  Did you realize that Grand Isle was affected by the BP Oil Spill of 2010?  Watch this short clip of the beaches from before and after the spill.