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 Striations is an Equine Massage and Stress Point Therapy service. 
Massage can be helpful in all levels of competition, across all equine disciplines and can be a great therapy for horses that are in high levels of competition, lower levels of competition, beloved pets or recovering from injuries.

Gillian invites your horse to. . .

What can a Stress Point Therapy Massage from Striations, LLC do for my equine companion?

The key benefits include:

  1. Stress Reduction and increased relaxation
  2. Increased Blood Circulation (to three times that of the horse at rest)
  3. Decreases pain. Releases endorphins and enkephalins that reduce pain. Also relieves muscle spasms that cause the pain cycle
  4. Reduces swelling and promotes lymph circulation 
  5. Increases oxygen capacity of blood. Enables replenishing of nutrients in the blood and rapid removal of metabolic waste products from the cells in the form of lactic acid
  6. Reduces muscular tension, soreness and fatigue due to increased circulation
  7. Reduces trigger point formation
  8. Increases range of motion and flexibility
  9. Increases activation of fibroblasts to improve healing and generation of connective tissue as well as reduction of scar tissue by reducing the development of adhesions 
  10. Increases productive fluid discharge from the lungs
  11. Reduces respiration rate 
  12. Increases peristal
      1. tic activity (wave-like movement in the gut that moves contents down the digestive tract) and stimulates digestion. Can relieve constipation and relieves intestinal gas 
  13. Promotes sleep, reduces fatigue, and increases vigor
  14. Reduces touch sensitivity
  15. Increases mental alertness, improves mood and physical well-being 
  16. Improves and/or helps to restore posture 


PLEASE NOTE: Equine Massage Therapy is not a substitute for Veterinary care or diagnosis. Always consult with your Veterinarian about your horse's health. I have no problem speaking directly with your Veterinarian about your horse and the treatment that is best.