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By searching below you will find hand-picked, quality resources from sources including Ross Enamait, Pavel Tsatsouline, Iron Addict, and Bronze Bow on topics like pushups, nutrition, intervals, lifting, training programmes, and many more.

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Inspirational Training Videos

An assortment of very strong people doing what they do best.

A guy training in the style of Ross Enamait - practical!

Kettlebell Vid #1: Ryan Shanahan demonstrates quite a few exercises. The camera guy doesn't seem to focus on the kettlebells that much though!

Kettlebell Vid #2: This one's more serious. Jason Brown from demonstrates how to improve shoulder mobility and stability with the RKC model. Includes safe handling demo.

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This is pretty damn funny. I'll let you guys be the judge of whether it has any value of not

Gym rings are awesome. It would be even more awesome to have this contraption available.

Here's another great vid of the practical way to train. No special equipment required. Just goes to show there are no valid excuses for missing training!

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