Jim Bryan

Independent Strength & Conditioning Coach


Winter Haven, Florida


E-mail: bryanstrength@Gmail.com



 “When Experience Counts”

Private Gym: No waiting on equipment.

No rude Gym Members to deal with. 

One to one  attention.

Initial Health Screening and Consultation required B-4 Training.

Train with Spouse or friend for an extra fee.

 Training for: Men-Women-Teens-Some preteens,

Athletes or non athletes.
Training for Seniors.

No gimmicks, fads, tricks, contracts or any other fitness biz BS.

No hidden fees, no salesmen.

Re-hab or pre-hab with proper Dr. Referral.

Home training for clients with proper equipment.
Training provided in local Gated Communities.
Safe, productive training by a Certified  Professional with 50 years experience.
(Many Training Certifications are not accredited.)

Latest real Training Science. Old school, not “trendy.”

One to three days a week for a 30 minute fast paced workout.  Time efficient training is what it’s all about.

Training proven to enhance your life and Athletic potential.
Build and maintain muscle and also protect bones (Ladies, This is very important!)

Consultations available: Training-fat loss -equipment-Body Comp testing.

Call today: 863-293-1206 Please leave message and someone will return your call.

Remember the training is private and about you, not the Trainer.

Training available M-F 8AM- 5PM

12 hour Cancellation notice required to avoid charge.

Referrals earn free workouts. Current up to date clients will never have a rate increase.