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What We Don't Do Yet

Each of these activities is planned for 2010-2011. Each meets identified street youth needs. But SYM isn't yet ready to launch them because we lack a place to do them and volunteers to anchor them. Contact us if you'd like to help!
  • We want to hold a weekly morning discipleship great for street youth. We need a West Campus church willing to let us use a room. We'd prefer someone who is able to provide light breakfast... perhaps someone who already does breakfast and could just add a few more to feed. We are willing to incorporate street youth into an existing new discipleship group. Contact us if you have a location we can use, a breakfast we could add-on to, or a newly forming discipleship group. Terry will provide training and weekly screening so that the discipleship group is safe for all participants.
  • We want to hold a weekly "quiet time" for street youth to study and read. We need a location in a West Campus church. We also need a team of "teachers" to anchor the event. The teaching would just be friendly encouragement to persue their individual studies. Quiet discussion will be encouraged. Contact us is you have a room we could use. Contact us if you'd like to be on the teaching team. Teachers will help Terry locate self-study materials to add into a library street youth can choose from. Topics can be religious, Bible, skills, or self-discover and improvement.