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Christmas Tree of Giving

While an MP3 player may seem extravagant, the gift of being able to listen to music allows street youth to experience more calm, avoid more harmful activities, and enjoy healthy rest and relaxation. Given the benefits of music, a $20-$30 MP3 player would do much to improve the quality of life for the street youth we encounter.

It’s best to choose a model that has a built-in rechargeable battery and FM radio. This avoids disposable batteries (which cost money and isn't very green). FM radio also provides a free and varied choice of music.

Please deliver your wrapped gift to us by Sunday, December 14th. You may use any of our drop-off sites. You are welcome to include a personal note of encouragement in the package. We anticipate being able to deliver about 65 of these at our Christmas Party! Thank you for brightening the Christmas of our youth by showing that you care.

Stores that reliably stock and sell these in the price range are Big Lots and Frys. Both are favorite suppliers for us. We cannot recommend ordering online with Amazon as we had far too many device failures. We are also interested in wind-up emergency radios, external speakers, and other means to allow a more community-oriented music experience. However, we were unable to find a local reliably source of these in the desired price range.