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Good Cents Pricebook

SYM maintains a booklet of lowest recent prices of common objects for our shoppers.
Our supporters love it, too!

I have always liked to be frugal, and now it seems more important than ever to be a good grocery shopper. By keeping a price book of the items you buy most often, you will save because you can stock up when the price goes below normal. 

I have compiled a pricebook of items I buy most often. It lists the normal everyday price for the lowest cost item I can find in the category. It's usually an HEB store brand but not always.

Below is a PDF file that you can print at home. The file contains two pages. Be sure to print is without the "shrink to fit" option of Acrobat viewer. The second page shows the directions for folding the first page into a very small 8 page booklet. It's a neat trick but easy and only requires one scissor cut.

Carry the booklet with you and when you read sale bulletins. Use it to spot bargains and stock up. I use SavingWithShellie regularly, located right here in the Austin area, to help me identify great sales at local stores!

Remember: These are not sales prices! They are the lowest everyday price so that you can best determine when to stock up on items!

This is provided as a free service of Street Youth Ministry. Post suggestions and comments here on this page. I plan to update the book monthly, especially if I can find a good volunteer who wants to help. Donations are accepted here.
Terry Cole,
Sep 19, 2010, 6:12 PM