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Get unBored

SYM maintains a booklet of free and fun things to do in Austin for our clients. 
Our supporters also love it!

Get "On Board" the fun express in Austin with these absolutely free and fun things to do and see in Austin! Updated for June 2013!

The number one complaint of street youth (maybe all youth) is boredom and a lack of things to do. While this may not be at the heart of all problems, resolving boredom in a safe way certainly is often helpful.

We have compiled a list of free and safe things to do in Austin. It is in a fun pocket book format that you can carry with you anywhere. We have listed the days of the week and the closing time for most things. WE have listed the address and the most convenient bus round from the UT area.

Please leave your comments for new ideas of free and safe things to do in Austin. Also, please leave us any updates on things that were not good since things frequently change in Austin.

The attached PDF has two pages. The first page is the activity booklet. The second page is instructions for how to fold it into an 8-page booklet that is easy to carry in your wallet, purse, or pocket. Be sure to print the first page out using Acrobat viewer without the option to Fit to Printer Margins. If you don't remove this option, the page will be a little of center but it will still work.
Terry Cole,
Jun 13, 2012, 7:32 AM