Partnership Invitation
Partnership is key to Street Youth Ministry. We are here to equip the church to serve our clients. We will help you come to know, love and serve our clients as we do. We do not compete with or seek to duplicate what partners can do. We have tools to help you communicate, manage and safely engage with our clients. 
  • To partner very closely with each Christian churches in our service area or near it's boundary, sharing volunteers, facilities, and service to one another as we work side by side in the West Campus neighborhood.
  • Open dialog with civic, business, faith, and student organizations from the University of Texas and West Campus neighborhood as we all strive together to create a safe and compassionate neighborhood for everyone.
  • To partner with Christian churches all over our city sharing volunteers, resources, educational and speaking opportunities as we seek to share God's heart for the city. Individuals may support the ministry and through churches even more may do so.
  • Coordination of services with others who mainly or occasionally serve street youth in Austin.
  • Exchange and partnership with ministries and agencies in other cities that also serve our youth as they travel.
We welcome new partnerships. To explore partnership, please use our Partner Inquiry Form.

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PartnerDescriptionTypes of Support to SYMLinkLocationPartner Since
PartnerDescriptionTypes of Support to SYMLinkLocationPartner Since
Mission Presbytery This prebytery's Mission Outreach and Services Committee has examined SYM and endorsed the ministry (equivalent to "validated ministry" in older terminology) Financial Support Texas August 15, 2011 
Connection Church of Austin This church has encouraged its youth to be involved with the ministry. Service projects Kyle, TX August 2, 2011 
Shepherd of the Hills Presbyterian Church This church awarded us their mission endowment award for 2011 and encourages its members to volunteer. Financial, volunteers/donors Suburbs May 22, 2011 
Hill Country Bible UT This church encourages its members to volunteer through service projects. Volunteers, service projects. Service area (405 W 22nd St) March 17, 2011 
University United Methodist Church This church invites street youth to our weekly Lookin' Good event where they can receive clothing from Fig Leaf. In addition, this church invites all street youth to it's Saturday morning Open Doors program including meal, clothing, and other helps. Facilities partner (weekly use of room for Lookin' Good event) Service Area (2409 Guadalupe Street, use 25th St. entrance) March 1, 2011 
University Christian Church This church is a member of Micah 6 and is actively exploring with the ministry how to be good neighbors with the street youth. Church Financial Support Service area (2007 University Ave) December 1, 2010 
Austin Stone Community Church This church has small groups participating as volunteers and hosts our volunteer needs on Volunteers/donors, publication partner City (500 E St Johns Ave) October 15, 2010 
Austin New Church This church has involved its members through service projects, including activities through Volunteers, service projects City (11530 Manchaca Rd) October 3, 2010 
Austin Presbyterian Theological Seminary The seminary encourages students to volunteer. Volunteers Service area (100 E. 27th St.) September 1, 2010 
Campus House of Prayer Association under Campus Renewal Ministries of 80+ ministries on the UT campus Facilities partner (for weekly prayer time), publicity partner (guest blog publication) C.H.O.P. Service Area (2421 San Antonio St) September 1, 2010 
Riverbend Fellowship Church This church has involved it's congregation with the ministry through service projects. Volunteers/donors, service projects. Suburb April 1, 2010 
Lutheran Campus Minsitry This church is part of the Micah 6 Coalition and actively engaging in discussion about how to both serve the UT students and how to be good neighbors. Facilikty partner (occasional use of property for special events), volunteers, service projects Service area (2100 San Antonio St) February 1, 2010 
University Lutheran Church This church is part of the Micah 6 Coalition and actively engaging in discussion about how to both serve the UT students and how to be good neighbors. Facilities partner (occasional use of grounds for special events) Service area (2100 San Antonio St.) February 1, 2010 
Bethany United Methodist Church This church has involved members through service projects and education opportunities. In addition, this church hosts Bags of Grace, a ministry that projects special Christmas gifts and more. Volunteers, service projects Suburb (1010 Anderson Mill Rd) December 1, 2009 
Congregational Church of Austin This church hosts Lifeworks Street Drop-in at their facilities. They provide lunch every other Thursday. Facilities partner (occasional use of porch and grounds for special events) Service Area (408 West 23rd St) November 1, 2009 
Pedernales River Fellowship Church This church has done numerous service projects and is in discussion of ways to go deeper with the minsitry Volunteers/donors, service projects. Suburb September 1, 2009 
University Presbyterian Church This church invites street youth to fellowship dinner and worship each Sunday night during semesters. Weekly facilities partner (Bible study, pick-up and drop-off site for transporting street youth to events, occasional use of grounds as needed for special events) , volunteers, service projects, publicity partner, in-kind donation drop-off site Service Area (2203 San Antonio St) August 1, 2009 
University Baptist Church This church provides facilities for dinner to Lifeworks clients each Tuesday. This church hosts dinner for those in need each Thursday evening. Daily parking Service Area (2130 Guadalupe St) August 1, 2008 
Covenant Presbyterian Church This church invites street youth to Wednesday fellowship dinner and small groups each week during semester. Terry is commissioned by this church, his home church. Receipt of tax deductible donations, weekly facilities partner, volunteers/donors, service projects, publicity partner, access to office equipment, accounting services, mailing address, regular pastoral supervision, in-kind donation drop-off site, City (3003 Northland Dr) August 1, 2008 
Texas Reach-out Ministries A faith-based ministry for helping ex-offenders lead restored Christian lives. In-kind donations regularly for running shoes City  
Cup of Cool Water A Christ-centered street youth ministry in Spokane, WA founded ca 1995. We share the same beliefs in community, strengths-based help, and a strong volunteer culture. We also share links to the same pastor, Jim Singleton! Exchange of community education ideas, referral of traveling clients Traveling Network  
New Horizons Ministires A Christ-centered street youth ministry in Seattle, founded ca. 1985. We share a strong volunteer culture. Referral of traveling clients, exchange of ministry training information Traveling Network  
Lifeway Christian Bookstore Lifeway's Austin manager and customers are very compassionate for those SYM cares for. Bibles purchased by customers, donation drop-off site City Social Networking for Christians Help with publicity Web  
Lifeworks Lifeworks serves street youth under the age of 24. Lifeworks is not faith-based but does partner with many local churches. Social work training, weekly social work supervision, adjuct staff position (unpaid), shared clothing closet, access to computer when needed for 1:1 client work. Service Area (408 West 23rd Street)  
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