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Ideas for the Weekend

If you can only help out on weekends, here are some suggestions. We do not have regular events on weekends but do occasionally have special events. These are always posted in our news or service project pages.
  • Hold a sock or blanket drive in your neighborhood.
  • Collect used clothing, cold weather items (coats, sleeping bags, hats, etc) or some of the other ministry needs and deliver them to one of our drop-off sites.
  • Consider becoming one of our high capacity volunteers who work behind the scenes to keep us going with middle management and key business skills.
  • Consider helping us to network with your church and church groups.
  • Make breakfast tacos for our Monday morning prayer time since these can be delivered on Sunday or Monday morning.
  • Great Idea: Get a group together on Saturday afternoon and split into pairs. Go to garage sales in the afternoon and offer to take all clothing items off their hands. If you get email we'll provide and in-kind donation receipt! Take it to our storage unit, log and sort! Great project!