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Ideas for Teens

Teens and families with teens can get involved! Here are some of the suggested ideas:
  • Teens that drive can do errands for us. Sign-up for the errand team today so you learn about what needs doing!
  • Hold a sock or blanket drive at your school or group.
  • Do a scout project for SYM. (must be user defined: improvement of our dog-watching area, refurbishment of a couple of planting areas frequented by youth, etc.)
  • Come on a Friday mini-mission trip at 4pm on a Friday school holiday. Come to our Monday prayer time at 11 on a school holiday.  Come to our Monday outreach 5:30 to 7:30 
  • Assemble sandwiches for 20, chips, sweets and drinks for use on Tuesday or Friday (delivered the night before)
  • Lead a service project to make 50 or 100 sandwiches for us to put in the freezer. (Meaty with cheese in half of them. No mustard/mayo. Double wrap by putting first in sandwich ziplock and then 8 of those into a gallon ziplock).
  • Lead a servivce project to make 50 or 100 breakfast tacos for us to put in the freezer. Meaty and cheesy! Wrap them individually in foil and put 12 in a ziplock gallon bag.
  • Bake breakfast for 12 people on Monday (delivered Sunday): e.g., pig in the blanket, sausage kolaches, egg and sausage sandwiches, plus yummy cookies, brownies, etc. 
  • Assemble manna bags (with summer, winter, or dog focus)
    • Summer: sunscreen, water, fruit roll-up, gum, socks, something fun
    • Winger: lotion, chapstick, water, protein snack, candy, socks, something fun
    • Dog: Food, collapsing water bowl, collar, leash, chew
  • Request a speaker from SYM for your group.