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Assemble Food (or cook)

Monday Prayer Time (for 12)

We need savory snacks and baked goods every Monday morning by 11. We lead a prayer concert in which our participants answer important questions like "Who is God? What is prayer? What's going on with me? What do I want God to do in my life?" 

We serve the food inside and buffet style and have plates, cups and utensils. We have access to a microwave but items needing reheating will be reheated at Terry's house. Breakfast tacos, breakfast casserole, or pig-in-the blankets are good examples of what works great at our prayer time event. Fruit, milk or juice can be added. We sometimes fill in with breakfast bars. Items can be prepared Sunday evening and dropped-off early, wrapped for reheating in a conventional oven. Or you can drop-of at the prayer meeting. 
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Tuesday Bible Study Lunch (for 25)

Street Youth Ministry needs a simple buffet style lunch every Tuesday afternoon by 2. We host a Bible study for street youth to allow believers to go deeper into God's words and allow non-believers a chance to encounter the Bible on their own in a safe environment. 

We serve the food inside and buffet style and need plates, napkins, cups and utensils upon occasion. We don't have access to ice or an oven. A sandwich buffet works great as does pizza, fried chicken, and most any picnic food. In the winter, we can do soup or chilli. You can deliver it to the University Presbyterian Church on Tuesday.  Alternatively, you can arrange delivery to Terry's house Monday evening or Tuesday morning. 

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Wednesday CoCooking It Up! Volutneers needed!oking Classes (for 20, Summer only)

Street Youth Ministry needs sponsors to plan, shop and lead a cooking class at 10:30am. We host this fellowship activity to allow the youth to work together to accomplish something fun in a safe environment.

The meal should be something that lots of people can help prep and cook in the course of one hours. We have a full residential kitchen and places, cups, and utensils. Anything that can't be done in one hour should be prepped or cooked at home and finished at the event. Ideas include pancake breafast with sides, hamburgers with sides, pulled pork or chopped beef with sides (meet cooked at home), sushi, enchiladas, fajitas, egg taco breakfast. Drinks are needed. You will bring the food and any speciality items with you to the Wesley House at 10:30.

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Thursday Self-Care Time Snacks (for 20)

Street Youth Ministry needs afternoon snacks every Thursday at 2:45. We meet our clients at the clothing closet of UUMC and discuss self-care. We also pray each week for those in hospital, jail, and friends in need.

The snack should be buffet style and include dairy (e.g., cheese, yogurt cups, frozen yogurt snacks), fruit (cut or whole), and starches (crackers, chips, dips, salsa, cookies). Boiled eggs can be added. Items can be bulk packaged. We have plates, utinsils, cups and drink provided. You can bring the food at 2:45pm to our meeting location on the 4th floor of UUMC. Alternatively, you can arrange delivery to Terry's house by appointment Wednesday evening or Thursday morning.
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Friday Street Outreach Lunches (for 25)

Street Youth Ministry needs bag lunches every Friday afternoon at 4. We go out to meet clients, meet an immediate need, pray with them, and meet an immediate need.

The meal should be 25 sandwiches, salty snack, and sweet snack individually wrapped. We pack these into an insulated cooler of sandwiches, a bag of snacks, and a bag of sweets for distribution. Drinks or drink flavorings are much appreciated, too. You can add fruit or other healthy snacks as well. You can bring the food at 4pm to our meeting location at Campus House of Prayer, but please email Terry the specific of what you are bringing early. Alternatively, you can arrange delivery to Terry's house by appointment Thursday evening or Friday morning.

You can double up on sandwiches to add to our freezer. Please make hearty meet/cheese sandwiches for freezing with no mayo/mustard (dry).
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SYM can always use cookies. If we can't use them immediately, we can freeze them. Please drop them off at the drop-off sites.