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Hospitality & Helps

Tuesday Bible Study Helper

You will meet Terry 15 minutes before class starts at 1:45 and help prepare the room. You will serve the kids food and help get them settled down. You can participate in the activities that Terry leads. You will help make sure everyone gets socks and the day's goodies as they help clean-up.

Food is provided by cooks, although you are welcome to both cook and be a helper for the same day. Up to two people plan to share the day's helping assignment. One child may be brought along, but you must discuss this with Terry in advance. This is perfect for home-schooled high school groups!
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Wednesday Fellowship Night Helpers

Each Wednesday evening position involves direct contact with the youth but in a way that will be natural and easy: 
  • Greeter: Perfect for those who might not normally want to get out for mission work or be out after drak! Greet the youth guests at 5:00 and help get them situated on campus. Show them the dog sitting area (picnic table in back), back pack area (FEB Room 105), rest rooms, and fellowship hall. Stress hand washing and good use of tongs at the salad bar. Greeter hands off to the table host who helps with drinks, salads, seconds, and desserts.
  • Table hosts: You simply sit with the youth at tables spread out in our fellowship hall. Arrive anytime between 5:00 and 5:30. Hand-off to the small group helper between 6:15 and 6:30.
  • Dog Sitters: Perfect for pairs of youth or dog loving adults. You'll take shifts from 5:00 until 7:30 watching the dogs over by the picnic table behind the office building. The dogs are all friendly, but you will protect the dogs from strangers. We never know if dogs are present, so you may be able to simple be table hosts if no dogs are present one night.
  • Small Group Helper: Small group will focus on the questions arising from the fears and anxieties of finding a church home. You'll be there to help missionary Terry Cole. If you already have a small group at Covenant, you are welcome to invite youth from the tables to join you.
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