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Customize Your Experience with SYM

We will use the information you provide to customize your experience with SYM. More information is found below the submit button to guide you. If we already have your phone and mailing info, you don't need to duplicate it.


Want to get started today? Our on-line sign-up system has openings.

How do we use your information?

Email: We don't spam, rent, or share your information.

Newsletters: We respect your time by limiting communication, but we do enjoy sharing the ministry with you. The prayer team is especially helpful!

Teams: Team members make a big impact by using their skills and working at their own pace. Action team members will get specific time-limited tasks done efficiently and effectively for the ministry and clients. The tasks are a mixture of local Austin and virtual tasks. Answer team members have even higher impacts because they are invited into our problem solving process early. Answer team members collaborate in small groups to organize time-limited specific projects or solve specific problems. 1-to-1 team members have higher impact on specific individuals by writing to our incarcerated clients, visiting hospitalized clients, or meeting with clients to help them solve a specific problem as a mentor. You'll get a welcome letter explaining how your team works.

Skills & Availability: If you select available for assignments quarterly or monthly, we will assign you to fill one of our spots based on your skills. You will have the chance to accept or reschedule.

Volunteer Organization: If you supply the name of churchesstudent groups, and service associations to which you belong, we can better engage those groups as a whole.

Mailing Address:
 We ask that you share your address with us so we know where supporters are clustered and so that we can differentiate between our local helpers and our out-of-town helpers. We don't share your information.