For Partners

For Partners

Partner Letter

We email our partners four times per year to let them know how to help us the most. You can sign-up at And you'll find some of that great content in the articles down below.

What Does a Partner Do?

What can a partner do to serve our clients? Here is a list of some of the ways people help us. Let us know which item you're interested in and we'll get started! Contact us.

  • University/Seminary Organization
    • Start or join our campus organization. (Friends of Street Youth at UT. We need a student chapter at APTS, Concordia and St Edwards!)
    • Publicize and host an end of semester collection drop-off for needed items. We'll cross promote the event to help get traction.
    • Table for us on campus to raise awareness . We'll cross promote your event!
    • Host our campus volunteer events in the spring or fall. We'll cross promote to get lots of people out.
  • Near Campus
    • Let us use a room once a week.
    • Partner with us for a Christian film screening.
    • Host our monthly volunteer drop-in/hangout to help us love on our volunteers.

  • In Austin
    • Do a drive for needed items at your place and deliver them.
    • Direct self-starting volunteer to our opportunities and let them report back to your group.
    • Invite us to speak to your group.
    • Be a public drop-off site and deliver items once a month.
    • Host one of our service projects.
    • Help us connect clients with your worship and discipleship studies by designating a connector or two that we can contact.

  • Anywhere
    • Agree to cross promote one blog or social media posting per week; we'll reciprocate!
    • Do a drive for high-value but low weight/volume needed items and ship them to us.
    • Agree to host 2 or more of the following links on your web, indicating that you're a partner. We'll reciprocate by listing you on our web, too!
    • Agree to publish one of our blogs in your newsletter quarterly. We'll cross promote your publication in return!
    • Promote our internship with appropriate students as one option for preparing for ministry. If you screen for interested students, we will contact them and discover if the internship is right for them.  We also will cross-link to your organization in return!

Partner Documentation

We have the following items that we share with partners. Request your's today by contacting us!

  • Tri-fold brochures. A mini version of our web site with everything you need to get started. Perfect for an information, mission or volunteer center or just popping onto bulletin boards one at a time!
  • Refrigerator Cards. A collage of photos from our ministry updated four times a year. Collect them all!
  • Get Involved Posters. We have several eye catching posters that you can request to put around your facility.
  • Tear-off Poster. We have a poster that invites people to get started with us in small ways. Perfect for bathrooms, bulletin boards, etc.

Partner Opportunities Holiday 2015

posted Nov 2, 2015, 12:11 PM by Terry Cole

Fall 2015 Partner Opportunities

posted Aug 13, 2015, 9:15 AM by Terry Cole   [ updated Aug 13, 2015, 9:16 AM ]

We're ready for you!

For this post, we made a big list of ways we can engage, organized by "getting your feet wet" and "taking a bigger step" with lots of people or with just a few people. And there is an email button for each. Here's what you should do:

  1. Browse the list below and share with the right people. We made it friendly for your smartphone, tablet or desktop.
  2. Like an idea? Push the button and tell us what you're thinking in the email.
  3. We'll get back with additional information and next steps. No commitment or judgment!

One Time Visits
Looking to get your feet wet:

  1. Set up a collection box at your location. We'll provide signage and donation slips (or they can text us the same information) so we can thank people. This is a great way to build participation from zero.Set up a collection box...
  2. Join and promote our West Campus safety campaign. We want to gather students at a near-campus setting one evening in the third/forth week of school to discuss poverty on the edge of campus, how to be safe around it, and how to join with one of the several groups who have been working with homeless in the area for years. We'll have street youth speakers to share valuable information and insight.Join and support our West Campus safety campaign...
  3. Invite us to speak to your group. We ask for a minimum of 20 people and we keep it very interactive. If you're not 20, invite another group!A speaking opportunity for Stephen or Terry...
  4. Do a one-time event to help us. We try to combine logistics support and direct contact for a great event. Organize our volunteer or intern office on a Saturday morning and then pass out some of the items. Same for our storage unit.One-time service project...
  5. Cook behind the scenes by making 50 sandwiches on your own schedule, cooking with us Saturday morning at 8am or Tuesday morning at 10am.Cooking event sounds interesting...

  6. Promote our "free" fundraisers with, eBay, and Randall's. This raises awareness of ministry to street youth and helps us out, too!Promote "free" fundraisers...

Own an event
Looking for a more engaging step with lots of people:
  1. Host a Wash Night. First or third Monday evenings in laundromat at 24th/San Gabriel. Group brings quarters, laundry supplies, and sandwich buffet. Perfect for 8 to 24 people.Interested in Monday Wash Night...

  2. "Own" one of our hands-on interact-with-client events and have your leaders promote signing up in groups of 2 to 6 most weeks. Weekly events needing greeter/helper/dog-sitter volunteers happen near campus Monday 11am, Tuesday 11am, Thursday 2:30pm, Friday 4pm, Saturday 8am.Interested in "owning" a weekly event and promoting our members to volunteer is smaller groups on that day...

Friday Outreach
Looking for a major step for just a few people:

  1. Host a hangout time for us with our volunteers for two semesters. We need to gather our volunteers with our three staff members in some type of evening drop-by/hangout where they can feel loved and bring their laptops and talents to help us get administrative and creative work done. Your role would be helping to love on our volunteers. Of course, you can join in as well.Interested in a monthly evening volunteer hangout night...

  2. Help us specify a better web site. We have a volunteer organization that will manage and execute the project but we need some really good thinkers to specify and review the transition from our old tired web.Interested in specifying your web and transition plan...

  3. Create our worship music playlist for the week. We need fresh and relevant songs for our Monday prayer time, our Tuesday Bible study, and our prayer request time at the Thursday clothing closet.Interested in creating worship play lists weekly...

  4. Run our social media platform for two semesters. We curate behind-the-scenes content suggestions and you schedule and draw interaction with posts. Create new outlets for us, as well.Interested in running your social media for two semesters...

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