Open AXN

The Internet identity ecosystem is quickly evolving with companies playing many different roles.  The Open AXN group is focused on the roles of attribute providers, identity providers, and relying parties.

Attribute providers are companies who can provide verified claims about users such as name, street address, phone number, and more.  The Open AXN group works on model for how identity providers can give users control over the release of this information to the relying party websites that users visit.  However to make this work, there need to be economic incentives for attribute providers, so the Open AXN group also works on models for how they can charge relying parties for this information.

The Open AXN group also works on models for a special attribute, which is the method used to authenticate users whether it is via a password, one-time-code, mobile phone, or other techniques. 

Who should get involved

...if you are a website who needs verified information about users, such as their name and street address

...if you are a company who can verify information about a user, or already has verified information that you want to help the user share, while monetizing that service

...if you are an identity provider who is focused on user-consent, privacy, and security

...if you are a government agency who wants to enable citizen to government interaction

...if you are an expert or analyst in the Internet identity community who can contribute to developing models that are both privacy preserving while economically viable

Working Group

To learn more about our efforts, visit our working group site

Also see details about the past Attribute Exchange summit