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Spanish Ninjitsu

Spanish Ninjitsu
This unique blend of European and Japanese fighting styles was invented by Vega. Spanish Ninjitsu combines the European fighting
art of Savate with the Japanese art of Ninjitsu. Savate lends the style lots of fast, powerful kicks, while Ninjitsu gives the style a variety of skills useful in combat, such a acrobatics, climbing and grappling.
Many Spanish Ninjitsu stylists also borrow other skills from Japan’s shadow warriors, such as stealth and survival training. Finally, since most of the men and women Vega trains in his art are former matadors, Spanish ninja are very elusive fighters with quick footwork learned after years of bullfighting in the arenas of Spain.
Vega’s servants scout the bullfights of Spain to find prospective candidates for training in Spanish Ninjitsu. Recruits are gradually introduced to the criminal side of Vega’s operations to weed out those who “don’t have the stomach for assassination work.” Every Spanish ninja ends up working for Vega, fulfilling assassination and espionage missions around the globe on behalf of anyone willing to pay Vega’s fees, especially Shadoloo.
Training in Spanish Ninjitsu is extremely dangerous. Vega has little patience for cowards, especially unattractive ones. Recruits are
thrown into pastures with mad bulls and must practice evasion and tree climbing to avoid being gored by a bull’s horns. In the end, the training produces some of the fastest, most agile fighters in the world.
Schools: Students must be recruited to one of Vega 5 training camps in Spain.

Members: Most members come from prior criminal backgrounds or the bullfighting circuit.

Concepts: matador, assassin, thief

Associated Weapons: Claw, Dagger, Rapier, Saber, Shuriken

Initial Chi: 2

Initial Willpower: 5

Quote: “Fighting isn’t always fair — why should the fighter be?”

Special Maneuvers
Punch: Ear Pop (2pts)
Monkey Grab Punch (1pt)
Kick: Back Flip Kick (2pts)
Forward Backflip Kick (1pt)
Forward Slide Kick (3pts)
Forward Flip Knee (3pts)
Handstand Kick (1pt)
Slide Kick (2pts)
Grab: Air Throw (2pts)
Back Roll Throw (1pt)
Disengage (2pts)
Choke Throw (1pt)
Suplex (1pt)
Athletics: Backflip (2pts)
Displacement (3pts)
Diving Hawk (4pts)
Esquives (?) (prereq for displacment)
Flying Heel Stomp (3pts)
Light Feet (3pts)
Tumbling Attack (3 pts)
Wall Spring (1pt)