2011 Honda CB400 Super Four Edition 2012

The Honda CB400 Super Four was released in 1992 as a Japanese market only bike. It was later introduced to the Australian market in 2008 as either a standard or ABS equipped model. The decision by Honda to supply the CB400 in Australia was due to the change in registration laws for learner riders where Learner Approved Motorcycles (LAMs) are now based on power-to-weight ratios, rather than an engine capacity limit, generally 250 cc. The Honda CB400 Super Four is a continuation of the Honda CB400 four. It is an all-rounder bike, sporty and suitable for learner riders where the low weight and ease of handling can help build riding confidence and ability. ABS brakes are an option on later models. The 400 cc (24 cu in) engine is improved by Honda's VTEC technology. Perfect for learner riders, the CB400 is LAMS approved (learner approved). This is a good bike to learn on.

New 2012 Honda CB400 Super Four In addition to offering renowned Honda styling and performance, the CB400’s lowered emissions and optimum fuel economy is made possible by an electronically controlled fuel injection system (PGM-FI), coupled with Honda’s HYPER VTEC (Variable Valve Timing and Lift Electronic Control). The CB's naked good looks, including stainless steel exhaust and striking paint schemes will catch the eye of the most discerning riders, from those who are new to two-wheels to those looking for an outstanding daily commuter.

Hi Gabe, I thought you might like my take on a lightweight 250cc class bike available here in New Zealand. I got some cash last year, and bought a New 2012 Honda CB400 Super Four. This seemed a good choice, with a smooth motor, plenty of power, and not too heavy. Strangely, I didn’t meld with this bike it was chunky, top heavy, and understeered into tight turns. There was little power down low until it kicked in, often halfway through a corner, which at least elevated my heart rate. A few other problems - slippery seat cover, wide tank which caused pain to an old groin injury, and mediocre economy reduced the pleasure on the few days I could ride it.