IEEE Workshop on Streaming and Media Communications

StreamComm 2011

(in conjunction with IEEE ICME 2011)

Barcelona, Spain, July 11, 2011

Sponsored by the Technical Committee on Multimedia Communications of the IEEE Communications Society

Increased connectivity and processing power of end-user devices create opportunities for development of new media streaming applications in addition to traditional video and audio services, such as online gaming, telemedicine, interactive arts, immersive environments, etc. At the same time, user demands are growing beyond the basic delivery of media to their devices. Media presentation, personalization, and relevance, are all increasingly important factors for device manufacturers and service providers. StreamComm 2011 is intended to be a dissemination and discussion platform for latest research ideas and results in media streaming and related Quality of Experience (QoE) issues. As such, StreamComm 2011 should be of interest to researchers from both industry and academia.

Accepted papers will be published in the IEEE ICME 2011 proceedings, and will be made available through IEEE digital library. Please visit the section on "Paper submission" for further details. Topics of interest include:

  • Media coding, decoding, and processing for streaming applications
  • Media synchronization, playback, and buffer management
  • Wired and wireless architectures for media streaming
  • Protocols for media streaming
  • In-network media stream management and processing
  • Security and rights management issues in media streaming
  • 3D video streaming
  • Media streaming testbeds
  • QoE assessment and prediction methods for media streaming
  • Subjective tests and methodologies for QoE measurement
  • Objective measures and methodologies for QoE
  • Databases and validation of QoE models
  • Online and offline QoE monitoring schemes
  • QoE provisioning for media streaming
  • QoE adaptation and control mechanisms for media streaming