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The STRA is a group of over 170 members located in 7 southeastern U.S. states. We are dedicated to the exciting and family friendly sport of Observed Motorcycle Trials. We cater to both the serious competitor and the casual or fun rider. Our competition schedule consists of 12 or more STRA  championship events with classes for modern and vintage bikes. Fun rides are frequently organized by local member groups.

Spring Splash @ TTC

posted May 11, 2012, 11:34 PM by STRA Trials

Every year, the TTC is host to two events (4 days of competition) for the Southeastern Trials Riders Association (STRA) championship series. We call the spring event the Spring Splash and the fall event The 58k. For these events, spectators are welcome and admission is free. Helmets are required for anyone on a motorcycle. AMA and STRA membership is required to compete (membership applications are available on site). Riders are welcome to come early or stay after for practice or training classes on our 670 acres of mountain terrain. See our Directions page for how to get here, our Accommodations page on where to stay, and our Contact Us page if you need more info.


Springsplashflier2012For 2012, the Spring Splash (STRA Rounds 5 and 6) will be held on May 26th and 27th, with an Anniversary Ride on Monday, May 28th (Memorial Day). The Anniversary Ride will be a dual sport bike ride this year, leaving from the TTC on Monday morning at 9 A.M. Please remember that all of our times are CENTRAL time. Feel free to download/print out the Spring Splash 2012 flier (PDF).

  • Cost : $30.00/ each day; $10.00 age 18 & under
  • Start times : 11:00 noon on Sat.; 10:00 A.M. on Sunday
  • Youth Trials at 4:30 PM on Sat.; 9AM on Sunday for $5.00 per day
  • Signup: 10 AM Sat.; 9AM Sun.
  • Trials for Christ service: 8:30 AM on Sunday -Meet at Pavilion
  • Anniversary street bike ride: Monday, 9 am – Meet at Green Shop

Cornelia Event Report

posted Apr 27, 2012, 7:37 PM by STRA Trials

STRA Rounds 3&4, April 14 & 15

Henry’s Hill, Cornelia Georgia

By Jamie Gourley

The STRA returned to Cornelia this year after not using the property in 2011 and for myself and the three other organizers I can say it was a very happy return.  The owner is Henry Simmons and every year he gets on his bulldozer and spends many hours getting the road smooth and clearing new areas to ride.  The weather also plays a critical role at this property and we had beautiful conditions all week and when Saturday arrived it all fell into place.   Henry told me it was the thirteenth time we have had a trial there and so I guess it was lucky thirteen for us.

Once again we had no champ riders present so it was the Experts riding the most difficult lines and we had four each day.  Saturday Tim Cash was riding his Gas Gas in great form after having worked late the night before and he topped the score sheet over Anthony Shore from Georgia by a cool fifteen points.  Garry Hoover from North Carolina was third on Saturday but came back on Sunday with a great first place also on a Gas Gas.  Aaron Thistle from Georgia moved up on Sunday to the Expert class and had a great ride for second aboard his shiny new Sherco with Tim close behind in third.  In the Advanced class it was Tim Cone from Florida in first on both days riding his Beta.  Tim has a long drive up to ride our events and he was smooth all weekend and was the only rider in any class to have a clean loop so I think the difficulty was just about right.  Gary Holbert  from North Carolina was second Saturday riding a Scorpa  while on Sunday it was Scott Jordan from Mississippi in second riding the very cool black Montesa.

Advanced Sportsman was won by Paul Thistle from Georgia on Saturday with Kevin Sullivan in second.  On Sunday it was Mark Sturtevant from Alabama riding his classic Bultaco who topped the scores in the AS. Class.  The Sportsman class had some very close scores and was one of the largest classes of the weekend  and Saturday was won by Frank Alexander by only one point over Harry Heileman.  Sunday was also a one point affair but this time it was Jim Craig beating Eddie Faulkner in second and Harry in a close third place.  In the Intermediate class it was Kevin Browning, who came over from Alabama, taking first place both days riding his Montesa.  Second place was Art Wilson riding a Beta on Saturday and Drew Leviton on his Montesa on Sunday again with some very close scores and tight competition.  Novice class was won by Louis Qualtieri from Georgia riding his Honda on Saturday.  Women’s class was won both days by Olivia Leviton on her Beta.  Gary Bahret brought out the classic Yamaha and won on Saturday riding Vintage C.  Charlie Roberts and Steve Glinski rode Exhibition and Charlie rode his Gasser to first place on both days.

We split up the sections during layout with Jim Craig and I designing Saturdays sections and Vaughn Cady and Gary Garrison handling Sunday’s which allowed all of us to ride the other day.  We also had Catherine Bedley on site running sign up and Dawn Shirley handled the scoring assignments and we really appreciated all their work.  And of course, a great thank you to JW, Otter, and Henry for everything they do to make Cornelia a great place to stage an event.  They always do a lot in preparation for the trial every year and then make us all feel welcome and I feel lucky to call them friends. Hope we can all do it again next year.  See you on the loop.

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STRA Rounds 3&4 at Cornelia

posted Apr 9, 2012, 9:51 PM by STRA Trials

Trackrock Event Report

posted Apr 2, 2012, 9:04 PM by STRA Trials   [ updated Apr 2, 2012, 9:06 PM ]

STRA Rounds 1 & 2

Trackrock Campground, Blairsville, GA  March 24 & 25, 2012

Event Report by Jamie Gourley

    Every year it has become a tradition in the STRA that the event at Trackrock starts the season. This year we had another great event which did include some nice weather.  The weather in the North Georgia mountains can at times be a factor but this year we were lucky and I stayed out of the water so I had a great time.  Frank Alexander owns a little piece of land up there and lucky for us Frank is a trials rider as well.  Frank again put on a challenging event and I think all the riders had a good time.  We also started our new event format where the riders are split into two groups with one riding while the other scores and each riding for three hours.  It makes for a long day but it relieves the ever present checker problem.

    This year we had no Champs so it was the Experts riding the hardest lines.  Karl Davis Sr. from Florida led the way both days  on the Sherco with some great rides and consistently low scores.  Tennessee’s Tim Cash aboard a Gas Gas got second on Saturday over Garry Hoover and Austin Brown but on Sunday it was Austin who came back strong and got second by one point over Tim with Garry just two more back.  The Advanced class was one of the larger classes and both days Tim Cone from Florida took home the top position on his Beta.  Saturday Sam Curlee was second and Gary Garrison was third with very close scores and on Sunday Brock Sattelmeir was second with Gary again in third including one point loops for both ,which is a nice way to end the day.

    In the Advanced Sportsman it was Gary Holbert from North Carolina aboard the Scorpa leading the way on Saturday with Randy Sharp in second.  On Sunday Gary decided to move up a class and Randy took first with some very smooth riding.  I say move them both up.  Sportsman was the largest class of the weekend and Paul Thistle from Georgia was the winner both days.  Also on both days the second place was Larry Smith from Mobile Alabama riding the four stroke Montesa.   The Intermediate class  was competitive as well with Bill Watts winning Saturday and Art Wilson in second.  On Sunday Art rode his Beta to first over Drew Leviton and Sonny Roberts.  Novice was won by Carlos Aviles of Georgia riding a Beta with Michael Duncan in second.  On Sunday Louis Qualtieri was in the number one spot aboard a Honda.  Olivia Leviton from Georgia won Women’s class both days.  We also had some Vintage action with Steve Glinski and Tracy Martin both getting first place positions and showing the old bikes are still a lot of fun.  Thanks to Frank from all of us at the STRA.  See you on the loop.

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Event videos by Carlos Aviles

Photos by Carlos

2012 Season Opening Rounds at Trackrock

posted Mar 15, 2012, 10:59 AM by STRA Trials   [ updated Mar 15, 2012, 11:01 AM ]

Start Time: 10am,ish Sat, 10am Sun
·    Inside changing area and bathroom(not just an outhouse) at sign up.
·    Barbeque Sat & Sun at sign up and scoring area.
·    Dinner sat night, free to participants, at barn at campground entrance , first left after turning in.
·    Cost: $30/ each day, $10 age 17 & under,
·    Motels Best Western 706-745-6995 Holiday Inn Express 800-465-4329 Seasons Inn 706-745-1631
·    Cabins available at www.trackrock.com
·    STRA and AMA Membership Required and available at sign up.
·    GPS Coordinates to campground entrance N34E 51.385/W83E 52.466
·    Primitive camping at Trials site
·    Promoter Frank Alexander info Sam Curlee 706-632-3533 w 10-6pm
·    Full hookups at Trackrock campground.  Ride to the trials site.

Classes: Youth A/B, Women’s, Novice, Intermediate, Sportsman, Sportsman Advanced, Advanced, Expert, Champ, Vintage and Twinshock A B C

Spectators are welcome and admission is free.
The event loops around the property with lots of great spectator access.
Helmets are required at all times.
Directions: Go to  www.trackrock.com/maps.html

Click here for flyer

In effect will be the new 50/50 Peer Scoring System

What's New for 2012

posted Feb 4, 2012, 9:19 AM by STRA Trials   [ updated Mar 15, 2012, 10:33 AM ]

The STRA welcome new officers for 2012

President: Randy Sharp

Vice President: Charlie Roberts
Secretary/Treasurer: Darrell Davis
Competition Director: Alan/Dawn Shirley
Sporting Steward: Vaughn Cady
Youth Director: Tim Cash
Media Coordinators: Jamie Gourley & Wendy Roberts

NEW CLASSES: (WI) Women's intermediate and (O) Class for off-road

Free New To Trials Class
before every event 1 hr prior to start to explain trials to the new rider.


50/50 Scoring. Half the classes score the morning and the other half score the afternoon riders.
Click here for complete rules

Adoption of new rules from NATC (click here for pdf)
Summary: Touching, brushing or removing a marker is now a five. Toe dabs are counted as footing. Kill Button can now be mounted anywhere on the bike.

Revised 2012 STRA rules

2011 STRA Championship Standings

posted Dec 23, 2011, 12:05 AM by STRA Trials   [ updated Dec 23, 2011, 12:08 AM ]

  Karl Davis, Jr. 1st
  Alex Bedley 2nd
  Tim Cash 1st
  Mike Helstrom 2nd
  Mark Sturtevant 1st
  Larry Holbert 2nd
  Ron Milam 3rd
  Scott Jordan 4th
  Aaron Thistle 5th
  Gary Garrison 6th
  Paul Thistle 7th
  Vaughn Cady 8th
  Alan Shirley 9th
Adv Sport    
  Eric Ekeberg 1st
  Darrell Davis 2nd
  Gary Holbert 3rd
  Jamie Gourley 4th
  Ryan Beasley 5th
  Steve Glinski 6th
  Randy Sharp 7th
  Sam Curlee 8th
  Dan Brown 9th
  Paul Thistle 10th
  Brian Sloggy 11th
  Alan Shirley 1st
  Larry Smith 2nd
  James Craig 3rd
  Sam McNair 4th
  Greg Clark 5th
  Merlin Clausing 6th
  David Beasley 7th
  Harry Heileman 8th
  Michael Mcnair 9th
  Garry Smith 10th
  Frank Alexander 11th
  Richard Welton 12th
  Steve Glinski 13th
  Patrick Chandler 1st
  Madelein Hoover 2nd
  Drew Leviton 3rd
  Wendy Clark 4th
  James Thompson 5th
  Sadie Thompson 6th
  Sonny Roberts 7th
  Paul Hirt 1st
  Joey Jackson 2nd
  Olivia Leviton 3rd
  Olivia Leviton 1st
  Wendy Clark 2nd
Twinshock B    
  Drew Leviton 1st
Vintage B    
  Dennis Simoes 1st
  Steve Glinski 2nd
  Garry Smith 3rd
  Mark Griggs 4th
Click here for complete standings

Chattanooga-Birmingham Trials Club announces the Winter Moto-Trials Series!

posted Dec 1, 2011, 8:30 PM by STRA Trials   [ updated Feb 4, 2012, 8:40 AM ]

5 Round Series

Round #1 – December 4th at TTC (Trials Training Center) -Starts at 11:00a.m. Central Time

Round #2 – January 15th at Ringgold – Starts at 11:00a.m. Eastern Time (STRA Banquet the night before!)

Round #3 -  January 29th at the Trials Training Center

Start time at 11a.m. Central Time

Round #4-February 12, 2012 @ The Ridge in Birmingham, AL
Start Time : 11:00a.m. Central Time

Round #5- Date TBA @ The Ridge in Birmingham, AL
Start Time : 11:00a.m. Central Time


-Novice          -Intermediate

-Sportsman   -Advanced Sportsman

-Advanced   -Expert

There will also be a trail bike class at each event.

Entry fee is $25.00

For more information contact:

Tim Cash :770-851-9916

Trials Training Center : 423-942-8688

Click here for PDF schedule flyer

The Ringgold Ruckus Report

posted Nov 22, 2011, 9:11 PM by STRA Trials   [ updated Nov 22, 2011, 9:13 PM ]

karl davis jr.

November 11 & 12, Ringgold, Georgia

By Jamie Gourley

The STRA season wrapped with rounds 11 and 12 with an awesome weekend at the Shirley ranch in extreme North Georgia. Since Alan started riding trials a few years ago the entire Shirley family has really become an important part of the STRA family and I say thank you from all of us for hosting another great event at your property. Tim Cash and Randy Sharp were the organizers and once again put on a great trial with awesome sections, beautiful trophies, great food, a hill climb challenge, a bicycle trial, and a chirt pit. I have always wondered where all that chirt comes from and now I know, and it is very fun to ride in as well as being delicious.

The champ class was won by Alex Bedley on Saturday with some great rides. On Sunday it was Karl Davis Jr. who won the class that very few ever reach. Both these guys were hopping and leaping with the kind of style and confidence only top level riders achieve and everyone enjoyed watching them ride the sections. Check out the pictures on the STRA website and you will see what I mean when I say both these guys are truly top notch trial bike riders. The expert class was won both days by Karl’s dad Karl Davis, Senior with some consistent scores both days. Saturday it was Tom McNeal in second and on Saturday it was Gary Hoover in second which means Karl really was riding good as both Tom and Gary are very skilled riders.

In the advanced class it was Mississippi’s Scott Jordan in first place with a great ride on his Montessa. Scott had a clean loop on his second lap and it was the only one seen in the advanced class all weekend. Second place went to Aaron Thistle on Saturday riding his Sherco. Sunday’s advanced class was won by Gary Holbert of North Carolina riding smoothly as always on his Scorpa and second went to Georgia’s own Gary Garrison on his Gas Gas. Gary rode great all day and even was able to clean the first turn in section seven which was a very tight off camber and was truly quite an achievement. No photographic evidence exists, but his claim was later verified by Vaughn Cady who was checking the section in question.

In the advanced sportsman it was Sam Curlee dominating the class on Saturday with a great ride and consistently improving scores throughout the day which is how it should always be done but does not happen very often. Second went to Erik Ekeberg of Georgia on Saturday but on Sunday it was Erik who was at the top of the score sheet when all the riding was over and I think Erik probably wrapped the championship for the year. Erik is truly a class act and he will look great with a number one on his Gas Gas next year. Sportsman was the largest class both days with fifteen riders Saturday and thirteen on Sunday and both days it was a tie for first when the scores were totaled. Saturday’s event was won by Steve Glinski on his Gas Gas with Tony Lee in second on his Montesa. Then on Sunday it was Greg Clark and Harry Heilemann who were tied for first and it was determined that Greg was the winner on his Gas Gas. Tony was again right in the mix with a close third place.

The intermediate class was all Pat Chandler’s, who had some clean loops both days and was riding his new Beta very well again. As I have said in previous reports Pat is riding so good since he got his Beta I would not be surprised if he just moves on up to advanced or expert next year, and that cool Beta jacket he was sporting probably did not hurt. Way to go Pat! Second place went to Drew Leviton of Georgia on Saturday and Ted Cox, also from Georgia, on Sunday. Third both days went to Victor Larson who made the trip up from Florida and was riding great every time I saw him in the sections. Novice class was won Saturday by Olivia Leviton with a close finish over Mark Moon in second. Sunday saw first time trial rider Kim Murrell topping young Kyle Spudic for the win and both looked very good. Kim is new to trials and Kyle new to his full sized Gas Gas and both were smiling when the trophies were handed out.

We also had a women’s class both days and it was Wendy Clark riding her Gas Gas to victory both days as well as having to spot for husband Greg, which can be a full time job. Some vintage action was also seen both days with Dennis Simoes winning on Saturday and Mark Griggs winning on Sunday in the B group and Mike Durdan topping C group on Sunday aboard his Yamaha. Charlie Roberts and Austin Brown made the short drive down from the TTC to ride exhibition class. Thanks again to the Shirley family for hosting the event and Tim and Randy for doing such a great job organizing the event. 2011 has been a great year for the STRA and I am already looking forward to a great 2012. See you on the loop.

Ringgold Photo Gallery

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The 58K @ TTC, Oct. 29-30 2011

posted Nov 21, 2011, 8:14 PM by STRA Trials   [ updated Nov 22, 2011, 9:05 PM ]

Event Report by Jamie Gourley

     The STRA season has come to an end with two great events.   The first is a long time tradition in the STRA known as the 58K. This is the 19th year for the 58K and if you do not know the history it is called the 58K because that was the price paid for the land that has become the world famous TTC by original owner Tony Bussing.  Many things have changed over the years at the TTC and we have all gotten older but the 58K is still one of the best events on the STRA calendar.  The entire TTC crew always pitches in to create great sections with a wide variety of challenge and always delivers a great time for all the riders and this year was again excellent.

     Weather conditions were perfect with sunshine, blue skies and moist ground which quickly dried and the riders could not ask for more as the event began Saturday.   We had one champ rider present Saturday.  Alex Bedley has been a TTC local for years and his skills have developed to a level achieved by very few in our sport.  He was flying up and over obstacles with confidence and I know everyone enjoyed watching him ride.

     The expert class was a two day battle between Chuck Walker from Florida and TTC local Tim Cash.  Walker on the Sherco and Cash on the Gas Gas both rode great and on both days Chuck got the best of Tim when the scores were tallied.  In the advanced class it was Larry Holbert winning both days while Mark Sturtevant was a very close second with only a one point advantage to Larry on Sunday.  Both Larry and Mark are excellent riders and it could have easily gone either way on both days.

     In advanced sportsman it was again a two day sweep.  This time it was Larry’s brother Gary Holbert leading the way over the very consistent Eric Ekeberg and Gary even had a clean loop on Saturday.  This was a great achievement considering the difficulty of some of the AS lines but the Holbert brothers are both very skilled riders and they just seem to continue to get better as the years go by so I say congrats to both and keep up the good work.  In sportsman it was an amazing three way tie on Saturday between Larry Smith of Alabama, Eddie Faulkner of Georgia, and John Diplacido of Alabama.   When the tie breaker was calculated it was Fast Eddie who had the victory with Larry second and John third.  Then on Sunday it was long time STRA veteran Tony Lee dominating the competition with three one point loops on his Montesa.  It is great to see Tony riding so good again after a short lay off and I can say he truly got his mojo back with a consistent ride that gave him a nine point advantage over second place rider Alan Shirley.

     The intermediate class was yet another close battle on Saturday but it was Pat Chandler of Georgia who was leading the way with the most consistent ride of the entire event with four one point loops.   That new Beta has really brought out the best in Pat’s riding and it is great to see him doing so good.  On Sunday it was another Beta rider topping the class with Art Wilson of Georgia leading the way over father and daughter TTC locals James and Sadie Thompson.  All three rode great but Art’s two clean loops lead to victory when the scores were tallied while JT was four points behind and Sadie another four points behind and Ted Cox of Georgia one point behind Sadie.   Great riding by all the intermediate class also some great laughs by everyone as Art and James picked at each other all day long with some great verbal sparring, all in good fun of course. 

     We also got to see some great vintage competition both days with Steve Glinski of Georgia leading the way on his awesome Greeves topping Dennis Simoes of Georgia and Jeff Larson of Florida.  Steve also had a great ride with three clean loops on a bike all most as old as he is but Steve is one of those guys who can both make any bike run great and also ride it to its full potential.  Mike Durden of Florida also rode vintage taking the C class on Saturday.   TTC local Austin Brown rode exhibition both days just for fun and I hope he will be riding the full season next year and it is again great to see Austin back in the sections again after a bit of a layoff.  Thanks to everyone at the TTC for all you do for our sport and hosting this 19th 58K.  See you on the loop.

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