RAF Welford in Photos


Here is a new set of RAF Welford photos dating from 1944 to present day. I confess I cannot recall the names of all of those who have sent me these great photos but am happy to add those names if you let me know what you emailed me. Please keep those photos coming in. I must give thanks for these photos to Jim Steffanic, Jim Wadell and his daughter Lara, Rich Ferranti, Doug Conrad, Steve Robinson, Neil Stevens, Sonty, Tim Teltow and especially to John Stephens at Welford.    


                                  A medal ceremony at Welford, October 1944. Thanks to Neil Stevens.


  Same day, October 1944.  Neil Stevens.



                                        Welford is handed to the USAF by the RAF, September 1955.


The same day in 1955.


As covered by the Newbury Weekly News in 1955.



Welford Fire Fighters in 1956. Thanks to Reg Tarbox.


    Airman "Buzz", early 1960s.



                                             SSgt Howard Cary on left and his friend Jim, early 1960s


   Gate post, mid-1960s. Thanks to Rich Ferranti



       Looking down at main gate, mid-1960s         Rich Ferranti

                     Fire Station, mid-1960s                             Rich Ferranti


     NCO Club                                         Rich Ferranti


      Commanding Officer's Office, mid-1960s       Rich Ferranti 



  Dining Hall area, mid-1960s                    Rich Ferranti 

The main area of the administrative side of Welford in around 1966.   Rich Ferranti                  


                           World War Two barracks still in use in 1960s. Tennis courts still remain.  


      Closer up in the barrack area. 


                                       Rules to be obeyed;   No cameras!

                                   Loading bombs.





                  Loading bombs onto an ammunition train 


                     Bomb Loading



 In 1968, Welford Priory had a very unusual visit from Yugoslavia-born singer
Guy Mitchell. One officer's daughter somehow knew him from visits to London
and invited him to the base. Apparently he liked a drink and ended up wearing out his welcome.



An article on the base from Newbury Weekly News in July 1973 

                  SSgt Santiago Olmeda-Pinero (Sonty) of Fire Dept with SPS Commander     1st Lt. Charles Bibbs, 1975.

                                                                                                             Thanks to Sonty

    A baptism at Welford chapel in 1978.   Thanks to Sonty.



  SSgt Bob Yorke in 1977.  Thanks to Doug Conrad


            Lt. Col. Jim Wadell, CO 1978-1981 & WO Grant


   December 1980; the launch of the Bomb Renovation Plant.

                                        Outside the Bomb Renovation Plant, December 1980.


              The BRP painted bombs en masse.


                                                                         Crew of the quarter Jan-Mar 1980.

Standing: SSgt Barclay, SRA Thompson, A1C Rizzo,
A1C Talbot. Sat: A1C Bob Kaznica, A1C Disch



 A security hut on the DA 


Gary Roush at Welford, circa 1981

 D-Flight, 1981.                                                                    Thanks to Gary Roush

 Officers and Senior NCOs of Greenham & Welford in 1980.



                                            Tim Teltow (above)                         ....and reenlisting (right) 


      Suzi Hughes, Firefighter, 1981 

            Suzi on leaving Welford, 1981.


                                  May 29 1981; Lt. Col. Jim Wadell steps down as 7551st ASUPS CO 

                                             Officers at Change of Command ceremony, May 29 1981.
                                             RAF Liaison officer Sqn Ldr Ron Meredith is nearest camera.


                                     Lt. Col. Wadell receives Meritorious Service Medal from Gen. Bazley

                                        Maj. Daugherty takes command of 7551st ASUPS, May 29 1981

Airmen from Greenham Common & Welford march along Northbrook St, Newbury at Remembrance Sunday, November 1981.


From the Star & Stripes, January 20, 1982.


          The Priory was home to the Commanding Officer until 1995  

       Parts of the Priory are very old.


Team 2, March 1984.


                A victim is dumped in an EWS tank!

                The old dining hall, now demolished.


 Base bookstore on left.

                                          A new entry post was built in 1986.   Thanks to Steve Robinson

                                                                                             By Steve Robinson

                                              A storm did heavy damage in southern England in Oct 1987.

The Greenham Common/Welford Pirates in 1987.

Steve Robinson on guard. 

   Maj. Van Duyne became CO of the 850 MMS (T) in 1987

Inside the BRP, 1988. 


The 1988 Sure Fire Team.


Maj Nancy Van Duyne was promoted to Lieutenant Colonel in 1989.

A base building just prior to its demolition in January 1989. 

In fact, base fetes began before 1979, some were held from early 1960s.


850 MMS Retreat 1989. 

850 MMS Retreat 1989. 


850 MMS Retreat 1989.  

Bikers at Welford in 1990. 

                   A new fire station was built in the early 1990s. 

                                     In 1990, Maj Susan Kaufman took command of the 850 MMS (T) 

The annual Remembrance parade to Chaddleworth, November 1990. 

Outside in Chaddleworth, Nov 1990 

 The same day, November 1990


November 1991 

Chaddleworth, November 1992 

A parade on base.


1995 marked 50 years since World War Two. Maj. Kaufman holds flag with John Stephens. 

                   In 1995, the USAF cut back its presence at Welford. A ceremony was held. 

The drawdown ceremony, 1995

     The DA seen in 2000. 

     July 2005; an event held is marking 50 years of the ammo mission at RAF Welford.  


    Lt. Col Wadell and Col. Jim Salminen returned and unveiled a memorial to the base. 

                                 A little piece of America in the heart of England. 


                          PLEASE: Keep sending me all your photos.


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