revised 23 October 2009

240/1: Strathdon  B 1667-1747; M 1672-1742
  births     1702-1731
(see marriages page for births after 1731)
  marriages  1696-1731
240/2: Strathdon  B 1727-1819; M 1753-1819
  births     1727-1820 
  marriages  1753-1819 
240/3: Strathdon  B 1820-1854; M 1820-1854
births     1820-1843
  marriages  1830-18
54  complete 
240/4: Strathdon/Corgarff  B 1782-1854; M 1766-1825; burials 1825
births     1782-1800
not trascribed
  burials    1825  complete 

Ministers of Strathdon:

William Brown
Removed from Glenbucket and admitted to charge at Invernochtie prior to 24th March 1618, and still incumbent on the 20th November 1633.

Robert Irvin 1663-?

John Robertson
minister Strathdon 1681-1717
Fasti Ecclesiae Scoticanae.
"1681. JOHN ROBERTSON, educated at Marischal College, Aberdeen, 1671-5; adm. session-clerk 4th July 1674; licen. by Presb. of Alford in 1678; adm. 24th July 1681; dep. as a Jacobite 3rd May 1717; died at Whitehouse of Cromar in 1772. He marr. and had issue--Joseph; Charles; William; John; George; James, bapt. 22nd Sept. 1705; Janet; Margaret; Isobel; Isobel Elizabeth; Sophia; Rebecca"

Donald McSween
in 1721 is minister of Strathdon
d 8 June 1730 aged 38

Mr. John Lumsden
ordination: 30th of July 1741 Being the Day of Mr. John Lumsden's Ordination there
1766: Revd John Lumsden Minister of Strathdon aged 50 years and upwards 25 years Minister of Strathdon

Mr. John Gordon
ordination: Since the 4th day of December 1782 years being the day of Mr. John Gordon's Ordination and Admission
through 1799 (at least) - Mr. John Gordon, Minister here

Register of Baptisms from the 1st day of October 1783, being the time when the Stamp duty of three pence on the Registration of each name imposed by Act of Parliamenet took place

The Revd George Forbes
1809-20 (at least) - The Revd George Forbes Minister here

Revd. Robert Meiklejohn
1833-52 (at least) - Revd. Robert Meiklejohn