These pages represent a semi-systematic attempt to comprehensively transcribe and/or gather Strathdon OPR records, as well as death and other vital records.  This all began with a relatively-innocent interest in one or two families from the area, but has, well, escalated.  However you will notice a preponderance of Grassick entries in the "fringe" areas of the site and if you have a Strathdon Grassick connection I'd love to hear from you.  

The ultimate goal of this project is to end up with a complete transcription of the Strathdon OPR volumes, and transcriptions of the death records available on microfilm.  However, information from some of the other parishes in the vicinity is also tucked in here and there, primarily as there is a Grassick connection, and especially in the death records.  If you have copies of originals or transcriptions you'd be willing to share I'd love to add them to the collection.

I've attempted to make these records as accurate as possible and indicate questionable information as it occurs.  However handwriting can be difficult, copies can be bad, or I can just be wrong.  So, as with any transcription project, this info is meant as a helpful starting place - but it can't substitute for checking out the source yourself.