Scotland's Finest Red Deer

Situated in the foothills of the Cairngorm Mountains, Strathdon Deer prides itself on producing only the best deer to the highest standards.
We believe in creating the best possible environment for our deer so that they can lead contented lives in the beautiful surroundings of North-East Scotland.
The deer are free to graze on grasses, clover, herbs and heather through the spring, summer and autumn with additional feed of home-grown silage and grain to help them through the winter. Mineral licks are also provided to ensure a complete nutritional balance.
As deer are a naturally lean animal, the calves are usually brought inside through the winter to protect them from the harshest weather, and to give their mothers a chance to recover from the pressures of motherhood and lactation. As soon as spring arrives they return to the fields to enjoy the new growth of grass.

We are committed to the highest possible standards of animal welfare and are accredited under the Quality Assured Farm Venison Scheme administered by SAI Global.

Strathdon Deer has been chosen as the Demonstration Deer Farm for the Deer Farm & Park Demonstration Project. This project is funded by the Scottish Rural Development Programme and is supported by Scottish Food & Drink, The Scottish Venison Partnership, NFU Scotland & SFQC Ltd. For more information go to: