Station Log/History

03/25/99 Began collecting  weather data
04/10/99 Tested rain gauge (no we didn't get 40 inches of rain) reset rain gauge to zero
06/06/99 Moved outside temperature sensor to a new spot(because of high readings)
03/17/02 Upgraded System to new hardware and software.
10/04/03 Finally moved the anemometer to the roof - added average wind speed to main page.
11/01/03 Looks like the anemometer move didn't go that well - must have a break in the line somewhere. Readings seem to fail when it rains. Wind direction seem to be working just fine though.
12/06/03 Reset Hit counter for web page
12/12/03 Temperature and Humidity sensor failed at about 8am - removed data from web page and disabled 4pm Weather e-mail and Weather Underground uploads.
12/13/03 Started researching new Weather Stations!
12/14/03 Temperature and Humidity sensor started working again?!?!
12/18/03 Temperature Sensor Failed again
12/19/03 Ordered new Vantage Pro Weather Station
12/23/03 New Station arrived via UPS - began installing - retired WX-200
12/27/03 Had to write scripts to generate graphs and collect data
12/30/03 Updated page with Graphs - further work to be done
04/02/04 Upgraded to Fedora Core 1
04/24/04 Converted old cgi scripts to PHP - merged minmax and rain into weather data page
10/31/04 Mounted anemometer on roof - Wind speed accuracy greatly improved
11/03/04 Wind speed does not appear to be working - removing it from home page till fixed
11/04/04 Wind speed is working again (bad splice in wire) - adding it back to the home page
03/15/05 Began Public beta testing of new website
04/01/05 Launched the new website
04/19/05 Upgraded to Fedora Core 3
09/30/06 New hardware (Dell SC430) with Fedora Core 5
12/10/06 Changed the theme because of IE 7.0 issues
12/17/06 Modified Raw and Mobile output to fit on small screens
12/12/08 Massive ice storm hits Stratham, NH - Street power to Strathamweather is lost at 4:21am Friday Dec 12
12/15/08 Power is returned to the station at 5:21am Dec 15. Down for 73 Hours
2/15/09 Moved data logger to low powered linux box - Linksys NSLU2
4/15/09 Moved data logger back to PC because of NSLU2 failure
7/5/10 Moved data logger to Sheevaplug
1/26/12 Had some power issues which caused some high wind readings (113MPH) had to reset all variables. High wind for the month/year should be 36MPH and Low for the month/year should be 2 Degree F
 04/18/13   Wind direction has failed.  Wind speed is still functioning.  Using direction from nearby station in reports.
4/25/14Stratham Weather is off the air.  Stopped Collecting data and redirected users to this site

Other Notes

The rain gauge does not measure frozen precipitation - when the snow melts, it is registered as rainfall


Equipment Used

  • Radio Shack WX-200 used from March 1999 till December 2003
  • Davis Vantage Pro used from December 2003 - April 2014
  • Linux Based web server
  • Began with basic desktop PC, then dedicated server DELL SC430, moved to low power solution, NSLU2 then SheevaPlug.  Always running Linux


Stan Sander maker of Device::Davis PERL Module

Joe Eaton - My scripts are based on his Vantage Pro PERL script

Curt Blank and Joe Jawarski - vproweather authors

Davis Technical Support - excellent documentation!