Strategy as Discourse Research Group

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Our research group is interested in the role of language in strategy and strategizing. The discursive approach reveals the ways in which strategies are enacted in organizational storytelling and conversations, thus allowing us to critically evaluate taken-for-granted assumptions in strategic management and to develop new dialogical approaches for the practice of strategic management. In our research we draw on the discursive theories and methods in order to advance theoretical understanding of strategic management and to help managers promote creative thinking and organization-wide participation.

The Strategy as Discourse approach is linked with the Strategy as Practice community (http://www.s-as-p.org/) and the SAPIN network.

Our research group has published in a range of internationally recognized journals such as: Academy of Management Review, Academy of Management Journal, Journal of Management Studies, Organization Science, Human Relations, Strategic Organization, Organization, Discourse & Society, Journal of Management Inquiry etc. We are also actively engaged with empirical settings such as: city organizations, multinational organizations, entrepreneurship, public service broadcasters, the Eurozone, the gaming industry etc.

In the related research project, “Strategy as Dialogue”, we are involved in close collaboration with companies and public sector organizations. The project is supported by the Finnish Working Environment Fund.

Some of our work is included in the ”Cambridge Handbook of Strategy as Practice” (eds. Damon Golsorkhi, Linda Rouleau, David Seidl and Eero Vaara), which has a second edition forthcoming 2015.
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