10. Simplification

Chapter 10 of the Strategic Test Suite series has 100 test positions on "Simplification" 

* SimplificationA strategy of exchanging pieces of equal value. Simplification can be used defensively to reduce the size of an attacking force. It can also be used by a player with an advantage to amplify that advantage or reduce the opponent's counterplay. Simplification is also used as an attempt to obtain a draw, or as an attempt to gain an advantage by players who are strong in endgame play with simplified positions.

 * Tests your engine's knowledge on initiatives, good trades, value of pieces, understanding of the position material-wise and positional-wise, and ability to distinguish between good, average and bad pieces. 

Feel Free to report the results from your engine/Favorite engine. 
*1 is a wikipedia - chess term. 

Recommended Test time: 

Short time control:                                      10 seconds each move. 
Intermediate Time Control:                      1 minute each move 
Long Time Control:                                       7 minutes each move. 

Swaminathan and Dann Corbit 
Swaminathan N,
Mar 13, 2010, 2:41 AM