3. Knight Outposts

Chapter 3 of the Strategic Test Suite:    Knight OutPosts/Centralization/Repositioning is now available for download. 

* Consists of carefully selected 100 questionairres on  Knight OutPosts/Centralization/Repositioning

* All the answers carry similar traits:

(1) A Knight move to take control of the center or posit itself in the center.  (Centralization) 

(2) A Knight move to step back and reposition itself to lead the different (or better) path. (Repositioning) 

(3) A Knight move to take control of the opponent's weak squares (Outposts) 

Recommended Test time:

Short time control:                                      10 seconds each move.
Intermediate Time Control:                      1 minute each move
Long Time Control:                                       7 minutes each move.

And Extra Special Thanks to Ulysses for creating the beautiful logo!

Test Suite Released time: 3rd of June, 2009
Swaminathan and Dann Corbit. 

Swaminathan N,
Jan 14, 2010, 2:11 AM