9. Advancement of a/b/c Pawns

Chapter 9 of the Strategic Test Suite series has 100 test positions on "Advancement of a/b/c pawns" 

All the answers carry similar traits:

 Marching forward with either of the a/b/c pawns in an attempt to prevent opponent from advancing his pawns further. Helps in building the strong active defense. 
* Space advantage and possession in Queen Side. 
* Control of certain Squares on the queen side, and opening up of files via exchange of pawns. 
 Tests: Engine's Queen side aggressiveness, Space control, knowledge of Rook pawn tin opener. 

Feel Free to report the results from your engine/Favorite engine. 

Recommended Test time: 

Short time control:                                      10 seconds each move. 
Intermediate Time Control:                      1 minute each move 
Long Time Control:                                       7 minutes each move. 

Swaminathan and Dann Corbit 
Swaminathan N,
Jan 22, 2010, 1:38 AM