Information Gathering

The first steps in the strategic planning process is to gather some information about where your council is right now and where you would like to be in the near future (3-5 years).

Initial Questions to Consider

The following questions can be used to begin to consider where you are and where your council would like to be in the future. These questions may be considered by just the Board, though including a broader range of stakeholders in focus groups may be beneficial as the Board develops a final strategic plan that reflects the values and needs of your members.
  • What is our organization passionate about doing for our members?

  • What are we best at and where can we continue to excel?

  • Who will our members be five years from now? What do we think will be important for us to deliver in best serving them?

  • What are the things we need to concentrate on to attain our goals and objectives?

  • What are the 5 biggest challenges facing your council today?

You might also wish to consider using any or all of the following resources:

SWOT Process

Once you have gathered some initial ideas about the state of your council, it is time to drill deeper on some key elements:
  • Strengths: What is your council good at doing and is currently doing well?
  • Weaknesses: What is your council not good at and/or is not currently going well?
  • Opportunities: What are the events and trends that are favorable to the organization? (Both internally and, more importantly, externally.)
  • Threats: What are the trends or events that are unfavorable to your council? (These are the things that could destroy your organization. Again, think both internally and externally.)

Useful Documents: