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I am attempting to put a "standard" Award PC BIOS in a Wyse WT-3125se Winterm.
The 3125se has an Atmel AT49LV002NT chip that can be programmed in place or with an external programmer. I'm using a Willem PCB6.0e

One of the ways Wyse uses to update Winterms is called netxfer. More on that here.

The tools I am using are listed here. Some of the work is done in Windows 7 and some is done in Linux.

The final 3125se update from Wyse can be gotten here.
Extract F576_Wye74.bin from the exe (I used 7zip).
Use bundle-tools on a linux box to extract the files from the .bin file. That produces 704 files.

frl_code.ce is the Winterm's "BIOS" (verified against the output of the programmer after reading
the AT49LV002NT chip into WT3125.bin)

nk.bin contains 186 files which can be extracted using Nkbintools on a Windows box.
Run the nkbintools exes without parameters to see their help ( like viewbin >viewbin.txt).

I made a directory structure like this:
├───576bin                 contains the .bin file
├───576bin_files         contains the contents of the .bin file
├───576nkbin_files     contains the contents of the nk.bin file

To dump the content of nk.bin:
1. viewbin.exe nk.bin 
(write down start and length) 
                 0x00100000,         0x00863A74

2. cvrtbin -r -a 0x00100000 -w 32 -l 0x00863A74 nk.bin
this command converts the nk.bin to a nk.nb0
(result in 1cvrtbin.TXT)

3. dumprom.exe -d dump -v -5 nk.nb0 
the contents of the nk.bin will be written in the directory "dump".
 It must exist or an error occurs.


Up next:
Getting the Winterm to recognise a CF or DiskOnChip plugged into the 44 pin IDE connector.
I want to see the file system used by WinCE 5.

A week ago, with a DiskOnChip plugged in, I got a message like:

The flash has no operating system. Press 'p' to netxfer an operating system.

I didn't have netxfer working at the time.
Now, I can't get the WT to see the "disk". Have tried a CF with adapter AND the DiskOnChip
to no avail. Not even an LED flash. :(
Did I forget a keystroke?



Got the CF to be recognised. Re-flashed the 3125 hoping to find a WinCE file system on the CF.
Playing with various BIOS tools, going to attempt to assemble an Award BIOS and burn it into
the AT49LV002....

Emory Smith,
Feb 17, 2017, 1:04 PM