SOS is the finest, most biotechnologically superior bacterial inoculant on the market today. SOS is literally “Biology in a Bottle”.

SOS contains a complimentary blend of naturally occurring hyper vigorous super strains of beneficial bacteria. The bacteria in SOS were isolated by Micro-TES, Inc. from highly stressed environments where most other species could not survive. SOS contains 9 different species of beneficial microbes including 19 separate biotypes. Unlike many other marketers of biological inoculants, Micro-TES’ isolates its own bacterial cultures and produces SOS in its manufacturing facility in San Antonio, Texas.

Research, both past and present has shown that the microbes contained in SOS:

Maximizes growth rates and yields.

Maximize nutrient uptake and solubility of NPK, minerals and trace elements.

Improves conversion of atmospheric nitrogen to plant available forms.

Maximizes root development on seedlings, transplants, clones and adult plants.

The use of SOS in your hydroponic system will support the growth of healthy plants and serve to optimize the environment of your hydroponic system.

Using SOS in your cloning and propagation systems results in faster and more vigorous root development.

SOS is an excellent biological inoculant for plants grown in soil or any other substrate.