Patrick Roger

Professeur des Universités (Full professor), University of Strasbourg

Research interests

Behavioral Finance, Asset Pricing, Gambling Studies

Recent news

    • "Idiosyncratic Volatility and Nominal Stock Prices: Evidence from Approximate Factor Structures", co-authored with Tristan Roger and Alain Schatt, is forthcoming in Finance Bulletin, 2017.
    • A chapter entitled "Richard Thaler: de l'homo economicus à l'homo sapiens", co-authored with Marie Pfiffelmann (EM Strasbourg Business School) will be published in the second edition of the book "Les grands auteurs en Finance" chez EMS, 2017.
    • "Idiosyncratic Risk, Private Benefits, and the Value of Family Firms", co-authored with Alain Schatt (HEC Lausanne), is now published in Finance research Letters, Vol 17, pp 235-245, 2016.

    • "Behavioral Biases in Number Processing: the Case of Analysts' Target Prices" has been presented at :

      • The 2015 Annual Meeting of the Academy of Behavioral Finance & Economics, Philadelphia, September 2015
      • 13th International Paris Finance Meeting, Paris, December 2015
      • 19th Annual Conference of the Swiss Society for Financial Market Research, Zürich April 2016
      • Workshop on Investment, Portfolio Choice, and asset Pricing, Königsfeld, May 2016
      • 33rd International Conference of the French Finance Association, Liège, May 2016
      • Multinational Finance Society Conference, Stockholm June 2016
      • Behavioural Finance Working Group Conference, London June 2016
      • European Financial Management Association 2016 Annual Meeting, Basel, July 2016
      • 6th Helsinki Finance Summit on Investor Behavior, Helsinki, Finland, August 2016
      • 23rd Conference DGF German Finance Association, Bonn, September 2016
      • Research in behavioral Finance Conference, Amsterdam, September 2016

    • Strasbourg Place Financière 2016 Best Paper Award for our paper "Behavioral biases in number processing: Evidence from analysts' expectations"
    • Award for the Best Paper using EUROFIDAI data for "The 99% Market Sentiment Index", Finance, 35(3), 2014.
    • Finalist of the 2015 Hillcrest Behavioral Finance Award for the paper "Behavioral Biases in Number Processing: the Case of Analysts' Target Prices"