Patrick Roger

Research interests

Behavioral Finance, Asset Pricing, Gambling Studies

Recent news

                October 2018
      • "Is Stuttgart more sentiment-prone than Frankfurt? The case of retail-oriented structured products in Germany" (with Carolin Hartmann), is accepted for presentation at the conference of the Academy of Behavioral Finance and Economics, Chicago.
                September 2018
      • "Exchange-traded funds and retail investors: hedging or gambling?" (with Catherine D'Hondt, Richard McGowan and Laurent Deville), Investment Management Research Conference, Sydney.
                    June 2018

      • ASFEE Best Paper Prize 2017 for "Another law of small numbers; patterns in trading prices on experimental markets" (with Wael Bousselmi, Tristan Roger and Marc Willinger).
      • "Richard Thaler: the anomalies of life", co-authored with Werner De Bondt and Marie Pfiffelmann, 39(1), 7-27, Finance, 2018
      • "Behavioral Bias in Number Processing: an Experimental Study of Analysts' Forecasts" (with Tristan Roger, Wael Bousselmi and Marc Willinger) is accepted for presentation at the conference of the  Association Française d'Economie Expérimentale, Nice, June 2018
                May 2018

                December 2017

      • "Investor Sentiment and Return Predictability: the Power of Ignorance" (with Catherine D'Hondt), Finance, Vol 38 (2), 2017.
    • A chapter entitled "Richard Thaler: de l'homo economicus à l'homo sapiens", co-authored with Marie Pfiffelmann (EM Strasbourg Business School) is published in the second edition of the book "Les grands auteurs en Finance", EMS, September 2017.
                   January-June 2017