Lava Lamp Death

In my many years of, well, being death, I have seen some strange things. However, the next life I took was one of the strangest deaths I have ever come across. Sooner or later, I come for all living souls on earth, but this particular case sometimes I don’t even believe. His name was Robert McCall, a 32-year-old computer analyst from Tulsa, Oklahoma. Robert lived in a two-bedroom apartment with his best friend, Chad. Robert and Chad, although grown men, lived in a college apartment complex, trying to hold on to what they called “ their last years of youth." Their apartment was filled with Bob Marley posters and water-filled bongs.

“Hey Chad, let's get everything ready for the party tonight,” Robert said, as he picked up dirty clothes off the ground.

“Did you make sure to get the black lights? If we are going to do this, we are going to do it right,” Chad asked Robert.

“Yeah, I got them. Hey, plug in the lava lamp. People will think we are cooler if we have bad-ass stuff in our apartment,” Robert explained.

“Good idea! I think Kathy is coming over tonight and you know I’m trying to impress that girl,” Chad laughingly said.

“Yeah, whatever, just do what I told you OK?"

Chad went over to plug in the lava lamp but noticed one of the prongs was bent on the plug. He tried everything he could to get it to work but the plug just wouldn’t fit into the wall.

“Hey, man, the lava lamp won’t plug in. One of the prongs is broken or something,” Chad explained to Robert.

“Let me take a look at it, you idiot,” Robert said as he snatched the lava lamp out of Chad’s hands.

Robert tried for fifteen minutes to plug the lava lamp in, but it just wouldn’t fit. Robert wanted this to be the coolest party ever and had to find some way to get the lava lamp going. It was then that Robert had a great idea of how to get the lava lamp to start working.

“Chad, heat up the stove and we can put the lava lamp on that. All it needs is heat anyway, right?" Robert asked Chad.

“Yeah, man, that should work. We should turn it down on low so it doesn’t break or anything. That would be a huge mess to deal with.”

Chad went over to the stove and turned it on low. He put the lava lamp on top of the stove and walked back to his room to take a shower. Ten minutes had passed and the lava lamp was not heating up. Robert walked over to the stove and turned the heat up a little bit, hoping it would get the lava lamp to work faster. Everybody was coming over pretty soon and he didn’t have any time to waste. Almost instantly after he turned up the heat, the lava lamp started to work.

“Finally,” Robert said to himself.

“Hey, Chad, the lava lamp is working. I had to turn it up a little bit because it was taking way too long,” Robert yelled to Chad who was getting dressed in his room.

“Alright, man, just make sure to watch it so it doesn’t explode,” Chad replied.

Chad continued to get ready, debating what clothes he wanted to wear. It was then Chad heard a loud bang, and knew exactly what had happened.

“I told you to turn the heat down, you idiot,” Chad yelled into the kitchen.

“I wonder how big this mess will be,” Chad said to himself as he began to walk to the kitchen to see the damage.

Chad walked into the kitchen to see Robert lying face down on the kitchen floor.

“Get your ass up and clean this mess. This is all your fault,” Chad angrily said.

Robert didn’t reply and Chad went over to him, flipping his body over on his back. Chad was shocked to see hundreds of shards of glass embedded in his chest.

“Holy shit, man, are you OK?" Chad asked Robert. But again, Robert didn’t reply, and Chad began to shake Robert, trying to wake him up.

“Robert, get up, man! You're scaring the shit out me,” Chad pleaded.

Robert lay motionless as Chad began to rip Robert’s shirt off to see the glass in his chest. Blood began to pour out of Robert’s chest and it was then that Chad knew something was terribly wrong with his best friend. Chad ran to the phone and dialed 911 as quickly as he could.

“911, what is your emergency?” the operator calmly said.

“ My friend, he’s unconscious and not breathing. Will you please send someone to 1345 Willow Drive,” Chad briefly explained.

“OK, son, tell me what happened to your friend,” the operator asked.

“ We heated up a lava lamp, and, and, I think it exploded. There are shards of glass that went into his chest. There’s a lot of blood and he is not responding, please hurry.”

“ You need to stay calm, OK? I  have someone on the way right now,” the operator said.

It was twenty minutes before the ambulance got there but they were too late. Robert McCall had died at the young age of thirty-two.

This was one of the most unusual ways of death that I had ever seen. If you dare to read on, these unusual stories will only get better.


Author’s Note: Snopes tells the story of 24-year-old Phillip Quinn from Kent, Washington, who in 2004 was killed by his lava lamp. Snopes says the legend is in fact true. Phillip was heating the lava lamp on the kitchen stove when it exploded and sent shards of glass into his chest. One of those shards pierced his heart and killed the young man. No one knows why he was heating up a lava lamp on his stove since he was by himself. According to a medical examiner’s report, Phillip was standing right in front of the lava lamp when it exploded, then stumbled into his room and died there. I kept the plot of the story pretty much the same and added Chad, his roommate, to my story. I also changed the name of the main character to Robert. I thought it would be better if someone found Robert and called 911. Robert was a little older than Phillip because I wanted a storyline where Robert and Chad were older guys who were trying to stay young. This is why they had things like lava lamps and bongs in their apartment.


Story Title: Lava Lamp Death

Website: Snopes

Image Information: Exploding Lava Lamp. Web Source: Licence to Roam