My Work

Oakland International High School
A public high school for recently arrived ELL immigrant and refugee students.

A technology professional development program for math teachers in Boston Public Schools.

Tech Talk @ Google
A presentation at Google about Oakland International High School.

The Long Way Home
A blog documenting our adventures in traveling and parenting.

My Students' Work

Rotoscope Animations
Created in Flash for an animation class co-taught with Thi Bui and Sean Buckelew.

Video Game Design: Thank You Google
Created in Scheme for a class co-taught with Kate Feeney, based on the Bootstrap curriculum.
(Use the arrow keys to navigate and the spacebar to shoot.)

Little Brother Reading Guide
Created for an 11th grade computer class about the novel Little Brother, by Cory Doctorow.

*All student work created by ELL students at Oakland International High School.*