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Vintage Machinery DVD's produce videos for lover of Vintage Tractors Vintage engines both Steam and Fuel powered they are produced in Australia and feature some of the best Vintage Machinery we have to offer, some machinery exclusive to Australia.
All videos are $20.00 AUS or $50.00 AUS for three plus postage and handling, contact for details.

Talbot Vintage Engine Rally

2012   Talbot Vintage Engine Rally approx 30 mins run time, featuring oil, petrol and gas engines including stationary and carriage mounted. 

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Guildford Tractor Trek

Neil Athorn leads trekkers on a scenic trip through farm land and forest surrounding historic Guildford, 130 kms northwest of Melbourne.

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2013 Guildford Vintage Engine Rally

Each year the Mount Alexander Vintage Engine Club hold there annual Rally in the rural village of Guildford, located 130 kilometres north west of Melbourne, there is always a good turn out of engines and tractors, which draws a large crowd from the surrounding districts and further afield.

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