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Tiki Heat

Tiki Heat Outdoor Wood Heaters

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I have been building these wood heaters for a while now, due to the response from folks that have seen them in action I have decided to promote them to see if i can sell a few.
Tiki Heat wood burners are hand made, one off works of art, each one is an individual, no two will ever be the same, I use recycled and new materials in their construction.
Tiki Heat wood burners produce a lot of heat for a modest amount of wood and look fabulous either sitting in your garden as a piece of garden sculpture or burning bright at an evening get together.
Tiki Heat wood burners make a statement, there is no doubt about that, best of all they are all unique, you can be sure you will never see another like yours, in a world of mass produced rubbish, embrace art and individuality.

Large Tiki's


Small Tiki's