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There are a lot of custom bike shows around some large some small, seems to be that a lot of people think their bike is "custom" because they chose a custom paint job, custom grips, pegs and bars from the catalogue provided by the manufacturer.
 Sure there are all levels of custom from very mild to extreme but for me what makes a custom is the heart, hand and imagination , of the owner / builder, it is not necessary to spend a million bucks, all it takes is passion!
 At the Mooneyes Hot Rod and Custom show held each December in Yokohama the home town of Mooneyes Japan, Shige Suganuma and his crew of dedicated custom lovers put an enormous effort into bringing you the best of Custom Motorcycles and Cars from around the globe for your viewing pleasure.
 Also on display at Mooneyes is Passion and imagination on a massive scale, with 650 bikes 250 cars on display and each one jaw droppingly fabulous, the only problem is that the show only runs for one day, you will leave exhausted with aching feet and a brain buzzing with sensory overload, Mooneyes is something you have to see before you die! 

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