Hello, Glad to see you here at Strangebreed TV, I hope you stay and take a look around, you will find my Blog, Photos and Movies from Kustom Kulture events along with Art even some Vintage Fashion, I  love Vintage and Veteran Cars and Commercial Vehicles, Tractors and Vintage Engines,  just about anything interesting that passes in front of my Camera lens is fair game.
Over the last few years I have made friends in various countries and hope that they will share their passion, contributing  through Blogs and Movies or Photos showing us what is cool in their neck of the woods, the idea is to show that there is a lot of cool stuff out there even in places you may not have expected.
So if you would like to become a contributor please contact me I want to see what your  Kustom Kulture, Vintage Vehicle and Machinery, Art and Fashion events are like, I am sure others will too, one thing I have learnt in recent travels is that there are a lot of people int  this world of ours who share the same interests, proving once again that we have a lot in common with each other and that our differences a no barrier to sharing. 

                                                                   Below is a sample of what you can see on SBTV

Featured Video

From now on I will be featuring videos, form the wwweb, there is a lot of good stuff out there.

This movie is by a Japanese guy called Toshi Shimizu who runs The Local Hero blog, nice bloke who is into custom cars and bikes, from Japan and across the world, check out Toshi's Blog, http://www.local-hero.jp

I know you are going to like this video, so sit back and enjoy!

Chicano Park Day 44th

MOONEYES Hot Rod and Custom Show 2013 "The Motorcycle as Art"

There are a lot of custom bike shows around some large some small, seems to be that a lot of people think their bike is "custom" because they chose a custom paint job, custom grips, pegs and bars from the catalogue provided by the manufacturer.
 Sure there are all levels of custom from very mild to extreme but for me what makes a custom is the heart, hand and imagination , of the owner / builder, it is not necessary to spend a million bucks, all it takes is passion!
 At the Mooneyes Hot Rod and Custom show held each December in Yokohama the home town of Mooneyes Japan, Shige Suganuma and his crew of dedicated custom lovers put an enormous effort into bringing you the best of Custom Motorcycles and Cars from around the globe for your viewing pleasure.
 Also on display at Mooneyes is Passion and imagination on a massive scale, with 650 bikes 250 cars on display and each one jaw droppingly fabulous, the only problem is that the show only runs for one day, you will leave exhausted with aching feet and a brain buzzing with sensory overload, Mooneyes is something you have to see before you die! 


MOONEYES Hot Rod and Custom Show 2013 "The Motorcycle as Art"

Rat Rods, Customs, Bobbers, Choppers and Bands, Chopped 2013!

Rat Rods, Customs, Bobbers, Choppers and Bands, Chopped 2013

If you are in Australia around October and you love custom culture head for Newstead Victoria and get your self to Chopped, Chopped has grown to become Australia's premier Custom Culture weekend, With Rats, Customs, Bobbers, Choppers, heaps of Bands, Dirt drags with everything from Gassers and Altereds to Lowriders and Bobbers cutting loose on the dirt strip, if you prefer going around corners try the speedway oval, when you are sick of that hit the stage area and listen to some tunes or just grab yourself a seat and a brew, then kick back and watch the ever changing parade of characters go by. 


Strangebreed CC, Rainy day Cruise.

Strangebreed CC, Rainy Day Cruise

On a rainy day in Melbourne our club Strangebreed CC and some friends met up at Steve May's place in Northcote, Steve May organised the Fig Jam cruise that took through the inner suburbs of Melbourne.


Strangebreed Blog

About Castlemaine.

Castlemaine http://www.maldoncastlemaine.com.au has long been called the Hot Rod Capital of Australia due to it's long history of Hot Rodding which goes back to the formation of Castlemaine Rods, Castlemaine's first Hot Rod club, Started by Eddy Ford, Peter Swift and Colin Hall in 1964, now days there are three Hot Rod and Custom Car Clubs in the area, Strangebreed CC, Eldorados and Castlemaine Rods, the Vintage scene is catered for by the Castlemaine Vintage Car Club, for the Vintage Engine and Tractor enthusiasts we have the Castlemaine Vintage Engine Club.
However the real boost came when Eddy Ford published Rod And Custom Magazine and Rod Hadfield opened the Castlemaine Rod Shop in the seventies, later on when Larry O'Toole began publishing Australian Street Rodding Magazine Castlemaine's reputation as the Hot Rod capital of Australia was assured, open any garage door in Castlemaine and you will find some kind of Modified or Classic vehicle   

Castlemaine, Hot Rod Capital of Australia.