Puerto Morelos


Puerto Morelos is an Ideal vacation spot with Old Mexico flavors and small town charm. This sleepy little fishing village offers one of the Mexican Caribbean most traditional settings. Time moves a little more slowly in Puerto Morelos. The main village attractions are relaxation, fine dining, leisure exploration and a variety of aquatic activities.  Puerto Morelos has a charming town square with a playground for children;  a fisherman’s co-op offering the fresh catch of the day, every day;  a grocery store with all your fruits, vegetables and other necessities; a local craft’s market and  a small walkway by the sea (malecon) lined with  Mexican restaurants offering  views of the ocean.  While maintaining its small world charm, Puerto Morelos has opened its borders and heart to an international community.  There is an English book store, Chinese and Italian restaurants, coffee shops and many  art galleries.  


 Our town has been able to preserve its integrity and naturalist because it is protected in many ways:

1)    Federally protected mangroves (wetlands) that  inhibit overdevelopment.  The village Puerto Morelos ranges from 3 to 4 blocks in depth.


2)   "The Great Barrier Reef" is about 1 mile from shore and is part of the Mexican National Park. Large power boats and  jet skis  are prohibited and  thus provide you with a safe enviorment for swimming, wonderful snorkeling and scuba diving.   The  waves break out on the reef  providing calm waters perfect for kayaking, swimming  and offering a safe haven  for children.


3)    A working port at the South End of town.


4)    An extensive marine biologist lab at the North end.


5)    No buildings can be built more than 3 stories high.   


Miraculously, Puerto Morelos has not only survived the overdevelopment of the Mayan Riviera but benefited from it.  A marvelous feature which adds to the ease of vacationing in Puerto Morelos is that it’s only 15 minutes from the Cancun airport.  Most international airports offer many relatively short, inexpensive, direct flights into Cancun. In Puerto Morelos you can enjoy the best of the Yucatan without the hustle of Cancun or the traffic of Playa del Carmen.