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Dr. Sarah C. Strand
California State University, Sacramento - Department of Psychology

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I grew up in a suburb outside of Minneapolis, participating in basketball, track, band, and drama.  In high school, I lettered in academics, basketball, and track.   
I earned my B.S. at Iowa State University in Animal Science. I conducted an undergraduate research project in which sow mothers received ibuprofen to determine whether this would alleviate post-farrowing discomfort.  For this project, I collected and analyzed behavioral data.
After graduating from Iowa State University, I moved to Amherst MA where I earned my M.S. degree in Psychology at the University of Massachu
setts, Amherst.  My master's thesis asked whether a novel environment was more stressful than short-term social isolation in a group of Morgan mares.  For this project, I collected and analyzed behavioral and physiological data and published the results in Applied Animal Behavior Science.  See the "Publications" page for this and other publications.

Once I earned my M.S. degree, I transferred to the Behavioral Neuroscience program in UMASS Amherst Psychology department and entered the Ph.D. program.  My Ph.D. dissertation examined the effect of early rearing experiences on the social development of juvenile rhesus monkeys.  I collected and analyzed behavioral and physiological data for this study and presented the results over the course of three years at the American Society of Primatologists annual meetings.

I currently teach Psychology courses at Sacramento State University.  Over the past 4 years, I've taught Introductory Psychology, Statistics for Psychology, Learning Theories, Sensation and Perception, Animal Behavior, and Methods in Empirical Psychology.
I live in the greater Sacramento area with my fiance, Steve, and my dogs, Juno and Bentley.  In addition to teaching and doing research, I enjoy running, triathlons, and traveling to new and exciting places!