Porting your Number to Straight Talk

Is it possible to Port my current number to Straight Talk?

Porting your Number to Straight Talk can be a pain or it can go easily.  Porting any number to any other phone company can be a problem.  When you port your number there are several things that have to happen.  Your current provider needs to release your number, then the provider Straight Talk is using for your phone has to pick up the number and get it routed to your phone.  Since Straight Talk is not in control of a lot of what goes on it can take longer than you would like and it can be more of a pain than you want.  Sometimes it is just easier to just let Straight Talk supply you with a new phone number.  Straight Talk Unlimited Prepaid Talk and Text for $45 per month.

Why does it say Tracfone when I turn on my Straight talk phone?

Since Tracfone is a partner in the Walmart Straight Talk Partnership they are using the Tracfone software (firmware) to manage the prepaid phone system.

Unlimited Talk and Text Nationwide for only $45 a month

Straight Talk Prepaid phone service is available in only two places. At your local Walmart store and online at Straight Talk.com. The phone cards are also available online or at your local Wal-mart.

Straight Talk Phone Card Limitations

There is a minor problem with Straight Talk cards. If you add a card and you have service days left on your phone they will be erased. For Example you have 6 days left of unlimited service and you add a 30 day card. You will end up with just 30 days of service, not 6 plus 30.

The New Straight Talk Reserve Program

When you purchase your card from the website you will have the option of adding your card to your "Reserve." If the card is added to your Reserve then on the expiration date Straight Talk will add your card to your account. This will eliminate you having to remember to add the card to your account on the last day of service.

Refurbished Straight Talk Prepaid Phones

The only place to get refurbished Straight Talk phones is the website. Usually you can save between twenty and forty per cent on your phone purchase by buying a refurbishe phone.

What information will I need to give Tracfone Straight Talk in order to port my number?

 You need to provide the following information:
* The phone number to be transferred.
* The account number or service PIN from your current phone service provider.
* The last 4 digits of your SSN.
* Create a Straight Talk from Tracfone Account.
* Accept the Terms and Conditions of Service.
* A Service card or plan at the time of Activation.

What is Local Number Portability or LNP?

With LNP, it is possible to maintain the same phone number when transferring to another cellular carriers or between cellular and landline service. You are only able to move your phone number to another carrier in your local market. The FCC has written rules mandating that carriers must implement LNP starting November 24, 2003, in the top 100 Metropolitan Statistical Areas (MSA).

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