Adding Straight Talk Phone Cards

How often do I need to add a Tracfone Straight Talk Service Card?

You need to add a Service Card or buy a Service Plan to refill your account every 30 days in order to keep your Tracfone Straight Talk phone active. You can also enroll in Auto-Refill, which will automatically refill your account every 30 days.  You can also buy extra Straight Talk cards and add them to your account.  Then when your service runs out you can add the card from your Reserve.  There are also options for buying 3 months or a full year of service at one time.  Check it out 
Straight Talk Phone Cards at the website.

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The New Straight Talk Prepaid Wireless Reserve Option

When you purchase your card from the website you will have the option of adding your card to your "Reserve." If the card is added to your Reserve then on the expiration date Straight Talk will add your card to your account. This is an extremely easy way to keep your account active.

Refurbished Straight Talk Prepaid Wireless Phones

The only place to get refurbished Straight Talk phones is the website, Straight
. Usually you can save between twenty and forty per cent on your phone purchase by buying a refurbished phone. Where can I buy Straight Talk Cellular Cards? Straight Talk Prepaid phone service is available in only two places. At your local Walmart store and online at Straight
. The phone cards are also available online or at your local Wal-mart.

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